Jesus once said that if His disciples would not praise His name, then the very stones of the earth would cry out to bear testimony of Him. There is a sense in which the stones cry out. It is through the testimony of archaeology.

This series of studies in Biblical Archaeology was compiled by John Stevenson, assistant pastor at St Andrews Presbyterian Church and guest lecturer at Southwest Biblical Institute, South Florida Institute of Biblical Studies, Moldova Bible and Seminary in Eastern Europe, Miami International Seminary and the Boca Campus of Reformed Theological Seminary. All charts are included but unfortunately most of the maps and additional footnotes and photo illustrations have been omitted.

Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
Archaeological Insights on the Creation Narrative
Archaeological Insights on the Flood
Early Mesopotamia
The Patriarchs
Egypt - The Land of the Nile
The Exodus
Joshua and the Conquest of Canaan
The Judges
The United Monarchy - the Days of Saul, David and Solomon
The Northern Kingdom of Israel
The Southern Kingdom of Judah
Mesopotamia in the Age of the Empires
Israel After the Exile
The Intertestamental Period
The Life and Times of Jesus
Archaeology and the New Testament Church
A Brief History of the War of the Jews and the Fall of Jerusalem

Appendix 1 - Archaeological Periods
Appendix 2 - Significant Archaeological Finds
Appendix 3 - The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III
Appendix 4 - The Code of Hammurabi
Appendix 5 - The Yavneh-Yam Ostrica
Appendix 6 - Funerary Inscription of Uzziah, King of Judah
Appendix 7 - The Mesha Stele (Moabite Stone)
Appendix 8 - The Gilgamesh Epic and the Bible

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