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Books Online

Biblical Archaeology. Study notes for a class in Archaeology and the Bible. Includes charts and maps.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Links to a wide variety of Christian writings.
Classical Literature. A searchable database of Classical Literature.
Duke University. Duke University’s Rare Book Library.
Guide to Christian Literature on the Net. A collection of Bibles, Commentaries and other Christian collections
Guide to Early Church Documents. A collection of writings from the Early Church Fathers
Martin Luther's Tabletalk. Martin Luther is well-known for his commentaries and books, but it is in his Tabletalks that one comes to know the real man behind the Reformation.
Pickover's Encyclopedia of the Bible. The Encyclopedia section is at the bottom of the Webpage. The upper sections contain a host of Bible Study links and are rated according to their value.


A. T. Robertson’s Word Pictures. The complete set of A.T. Robertson’s Word Pictures in the Greek New Testament. This work is designed for the student who has some basic knowledge of New Testament Greek.
Greek Verbs. John Stevenson’s reference outline on the different uses of Greek verbs.
Greek New Testament Reader. Online Greek New Testament which parses each and every word in the New Testament.
Lidell-Scott Lexicon. An on-line Lexicon of Classical Greek. Part of the Perseus Project, this tool contains usage links to many classical works. It assumes a working knowledge of Classical Greek.
Little Greek 101. A beginning series of on-line lessons in Koine Greek.
Greek New Testament edition (NA28). Latest edition of the Greek New Testament.
Online Greek Bible. This excellent on-line tool not only looks up any New Testament verse in the Greek, but also includes a “point and click” parsing engine.
Online Greek Septuagint. This site contains the entire Greek Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament.
Learning Ancient and Modern Greek. An extensive on-line site giving lessons in both ancient and modern Greek.
Bible Hub Greek Concordances. Strong's Concordance and Englishman's Greek Concordance combined searches.


Parabible. Online parsing tool for the Hebrew Bible. It has the entire Hebrew Bible and merely point and click on any given word to parse it.
Biblical Hebraica. A collection of class notes on Biblical Hebrew. Go to the NAVIGATION box on the upper left hand corner of the page to chose between student lessons, exercises and quizes.
Online Hebrew Tutorial. A collection of free on-line lessons in the basics of Hebrew
Hebrew for Christians. Hebrew pronounciation helps with audio practice. Dispensational in theology, but nevertheless valuable in its contribution.
Hebrew Dictionary. Words and phrases in Modern Hebrew

Awesome Christian Sites

Atlantic Coast Communications. Features Presbyterian preachers such as Mike Potts of the PCA Church in Margate, Dr Jonathan Gerstner and Brian Chapell of Covenant Theological Seminary (Audio Sermons)
The Highway. A Reformed site with Theological Discussion Boards and a Library of Articles from such noteables as John Frame and Richard Pratt
Key Life. Use Real Player to listen to the preaching ministry of Steve Brown
St Andrews Presbyterian Church. Site of the St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, Florida
Third Millennium Ministries. Featuring students and professors from the Orlando Campus of Reformed Theological Seminary
Apologetics. CARM stands for Christian Apologetics Research Ministry. It also includes Discussion Boards on a wide variety of Christian topics.
Biblical Archaeology. A series of 18 Lessons tracing the interaction of Biblical Archaeology and the Scriptures.
Crosswalk Bible Study Tools. An assortment of free Bible Study tools that can be used online.
Jerusalem Archaeological Park. A online series of virtual 360 degree panoramic views of the Temple as it would have appeared in the days of Jesus. Once a picture has come up, use the mouse to move around.
Reasons to Believe. Topics range from Creation and Evolution to Science and the Bible. A huge collection of Reformed articles and Bible Study links.

Useful Tools

Bibl-Index. A search engine to find which ecclesiastical fathers quoted from any Bible verse.
Bible Maps. A collection of Black and White Maps of the Bible.
Online Rhyming Dictionary. An excellent tool for songwriters looking for that perfect lyrical word.
RhymeZone. Another online Rhyning Dictionary.
Mapquest. Allows you to get precise driving directions for where you are going..
Truth or Fiction. A place to check out and verify popular “Urban Myths.” Check out this site before you pass on the latest Email rumor.
World Wide Words. A site where you can learn the etymology of English words.
Weights & Measures. Conversions to and from the Metric System of weights and measures.
Zip Codes. Allows you to type in an address and get the Zip Code.


Christian History

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

Miami Herald

USA Today

Friends & Family

Mark Horne’s Theologia Website
Brad & Stacy Hunter
Tom & Julie Mason
John & Paula Oliver: New Tribes Mission
Ashley Gutierrez and Notably Wed.
Norm Wise.

Just for Fun

There is something special about the laughter of the redeemed. These are all fun links that have been sent to me. Click on them and be prepared to laugh.

Driving in Kabul
Hermeneutics in Everyday Life (At a Stop Sign)
The Six Days of Creation