Minor Prophets of the Old Testament

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The following powerpoint presentations were designed for the class at Trinity International University: Minor Prophets. These tend to be very long downloads as they make use of considerable graphics, maps and other sorts of images. They are available for use in teaching situations, but are not for re-publication.

Class Session 1. The World of the Minor Prophets
Class Session 2. The Prophets and their Prophecies
Class Session 3. Hosea - God's Unfaithful Bride
Class Session 4. Joel - The Day of the Lord
Class Session 5. Amos - The Prophet of Social Injustice
Class Session 6. Obadiah and Jonah - The Prophets to Edom and Nineveh
Class Session 7. Micah and Nahum - Judgment and Restoration
Class Session 8. Habakkuk - Prayer and Praise
Class Session 9. Zephaniah - Judgment Against Judah
Class Session 10. Haggai - Rebuilding the Temple
Class Session 11. Zechariah Part 1 - Visions of Restoration
Class Session 12. Zechariah Part 2 - Visions of Restoration
Class Session 13. Malachi - The Final Message
Class Session 14. Preaching and Teaching from the Minor Prophets

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