Studies in the Gospel of John

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Introduction. An Introduction to the Gospel of John
John 1:1-18. The Man that God Became
John 1:1-14. Now In Flesh Appearing (By Tony Puentes)
John 1:19-28. The Witness of John
John 1:29-34. The Lamb who became a Son
John 1:35-42. In the Presence of Jesus
John 1:43-51. Encounters with God
John 2:1-11. Wedding and Wine
John 2:12-22. Jesus in the Temple
John 2:23 - 3:21. Jesus and Nicodemus
John 3:5. A short treatment of what it means to be "Born of Water"
John 3:22-36. The Later Ministry of John the Baptist
John 4:1-42. Ministry in Samaria
John 4:43-54. The Second Miracle at Cana
John 5:1-18. Sabbath Healing
John 5:19-29. The Claims of the Christ
John 5:30-47. The Witness for the Christ
John 6:1-15. Feeding Five Thousand
John 7:1-13. The Effectiveness of Jesus
John 7:14-31. Seeing the Authority of Jesus
John 7:37-52. Living Water
John 8:31-40. True Freedom
John 11:1-45. The Raising of Lazarus
John 20:19-29. Resurrection Realities
On What Day did Jesus Die? A brief study of the question as to what day of the week the Crucifixion took place

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