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Updated 05/14/2001

Well, this is my "JOKE PAGE", Hopefully I will get off my ass and start posting more jokes. I have a ton of them saved on my computer. Including a few more cartoon jokes I have found.

I am still looking for new stuff to post, so if you guys find anything that you think is funny,(jokes,riddles,pictures)just send them on down.

Don't you have anything
  better to do than hover over seperater bars?

Update 10/16/99

A Bad Day
The Blond And The Jigsaw Puzzle
The Medical Computer
A Dads Advice
10 Reasons E-mail Is Like A Penis
The Golf Pro
Jokes For Men Tired Of Men Bashing Jokes
Things Men Know
You Know Your Not A Kid Anymore...
The Talented Octopus
The Sex Therapist
The Wit Of Steven Wright
The Blonde And The Ventriloquist
Word Perfect

Yes, this is just a 
   bar also

Update 10/17/99

The Millanium Bug

If the opposit of pro is con, then is the opposit of CON-gress PRO-gress?

Update 10/26/99

Things That Movies Have Taught Us
I Do
Bumper Stickers ... The Proverbs of life
10 Things That P**s Me Off ... by George Carlin

When are the farmers going to get together and help out Willie?

Update 10/28/99

Useful Work Phrases
Male/Female Dictionary
Bad Pickup Lines
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

stop that or you'll go blind
Update 11/09/99

The Zoo
The Seeing Eye Dog
Flying South
The Guy In The Bar

 What good is a bar with out beer?

Update 11/13/99

Mans Best Friend
A Shaggy Frog Story
What Women Want
The Costume Party
The Seven Dwarfs On Vacation
Dinner With Mom
Three Nuns
Mrs. White


Update 11/29/99

Who Do I Look Like
The Bottom Shelf
The Pharmicist
The Accident
Defensible Driving
Speaking In Tongues
The Frantic Father
Recent Mergers
You Know You're From Indiana When:
Strong (And Hopefully) Silent
Half Baked Headlines


Update 01/29/2000

Serving Sugestions
Delivery Service
Service Please
The Truth About Cats And Dogs
Uncle Frank
The Best Congress Money Can Buy
Womens T-Shirt Slogans
Professional Courtesy
Vacation Location
Fast Thinking
Clerical Duties
Lifting From The Law
Falling Down Drunk

 OK, This one is not a bar. It is a figment of your imagination.

Update 03/16/2000

The Drunk
The "Magical" Job
The Application
Jocks VS Nerds
I'm Tired
The Interview
Changing Positions
The Wit Of Steven Wright (Part II)
The Preachers Ass
10 Things Not To Say In Victoria's Secret
The 15 Thinest Books
Pregnancy Q & A

 OK, This one is a bar. But life is a figment of your imagination

Update 05/14/2001

Teens And Computers
Bobby Knight
Dear Dr. Ruth
Taste Like Chicken
Heart Attack
Ought To
Tech Support
Two Cents
The Mom Watch
Motivational Lunch
Paycheck II
Special Bulletin
Stress Ratio

 OK, This one is a bar. But life is a figment of your imagination

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