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LAST UPDATED 02/12/2001
Well, I finally got off my ass end and got my game page off the ground. On this page you will find "Shockwave" On-line playable games, links to On-line contest, and links to some of my favorite gaming companies. Why? I just figured people could use a little break from the stress of the day and games help to relive that stress. So go ahead and check the site out.


If you don't have the "SHOCKWAVE" program you can't play these games.
If you want it, download it from here

Trick or Trash! Extreme Board-dom The Gobblenator!
The Tarot Toy Executive Basketball Snowman Thing-a-ma-jig
Snowflake Game Revenge of Yar's Revenge Celebrity Dunking Booth
Space Blammo

If you like what you see here, or want to be added to it yourself send me an E-mail.
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