~ Totality ~
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"The words of a promise represent a symbol of hope for you to experience and know. Always believe in your heart that there will always be a light for you as you walk your path in life."

Mahalo and Aloha!
~ Only Me ~

The Center of Life
A Birthday Poem
Dr. M
A Telephone Call
In Silence
Pure Heart
to the Horizon

The Pyramid
Land Of Forever

"Whether or not we realize it each of us has a special gift inside us just waiting to surface!... We owe developing these gifts not only to ourselves, but those around us as well... The important thing here is not what your gift is as much as that you develop it so that you can share it with those around you and in the process further your own personal life!... Once we have identified our special talents it doesn't matter whether or not we find immediate success in them, what does matter is that we take a step each day towards our intended goal!"

~ Josh Hinds ~

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