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"Even in the darkest dark, there will always be a light for you."
~ R. Yamasato ~

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Happiness is the Center of Life
~ R. Yamasato ~

Every living moment, we strive for each moment to be happiness
In our own human way, we want nothing less
The effort to do this, we believe is how strong we must be
But its not our strength what takes us there you see
It's the spirit and the soul of how we look at each other
And how we must all care for one another
For when we are in our moments of being happy
We can feel the warmth and comfort of this place to be
In the center of life, where we all want to be
To stay forever, so unhappy we'll never be
But life's not that way, and we know it to be true
That every living moment is different like the drops of the morning dew
The goal of reaching center should always be our goal
For there is no other place to soothe our tired soul
And when we're there, we can rest and feel
What happiness is like and how it's so real
So take your time and search for your road
Take a deep breath and lighten your load
Be good to yourself and your family to be
You'll find how easy it is to reach what happiness you'll see
It is the center where we all must try to be
It is the center where we all have to see
And we must look to all who can help to get us there
For when we do, you'll know its happiness we all can share

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