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Suffering In Silence
~ Only Me ~

Why do we suffer in silence, like we do
When we give advice to others not to
I guess its a human thing we do
We feel that others must not know what we're going through

So we try to disguise our feelings everyday
Sometimes there is no other way
Especially when there is someone you love so dear
The worst is what you always fear

Its so hard to share the suffering, cause you aren't able to think straight
Yet you must get up every morning and put your belief in your faith
But faith is more than what a human being needs
Its so hard when time will determine the planting of bad or good seeds

So you try to sift through the muck of everyday things
And laugh, cry and suffer in silence, wondering what the next moment brings
But its difficult and its so damaging in a way
To have to sit and wait every day

But you know, when you think about it
Its something we all do, there no doubt about it
But there's a few, who are able to overcome and fight
They can overcome and bring everyone to the light

I wish I was one of those
But I'm not, and I suppose
If I could be just the person, who I was born to be
I can worry about others, and not only me

But the timing is not right
I need to gather my strength for this long flight
I do not know when or where it will end
But I'll keep my faith, that for me it will send
A message of love to maintain my faith to the end.

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