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A Telephone Call
~ Only Me ~

When you are surrounded by doubt and hopelessness
And you hear the telephone ring, and you don't know who it is
It shakes your heart and it starts beating faster
Your mind is racing and your emotions you're trying to master
But you know you have to answer or you will not know
What is happening on the other end, and you must know
So reluctantly, you pick up the telephone and with a quick heart beat
You say hello, and hope with all your might that it's not going to hurt a bit
And sometimes to your surprise, it's a voice that you can trust
It's a friend, and your happy and you know that you must
Hang on to whatever you have and be there for both of you
Because, it's all there is at that precious moment in time, it's your cue
To listen and talk and remember all that can be shared
After all, we've been through a lot and that we cared
So I am happy to hear your sound
It fills my time and my life it surrounds
For those precious moments, though short it may be
We can always be there for each other, you shall see
Whether in thought or in sight, it doesn't matter
Because all there is, we seem to get to laughter
It's a good thing, that we can see beyond what others can't see
So forever, we shall always be friends, never doubt me
Thank you for your call, it made me cry to know that you're not hurting
But through it all, it's not our final curtain
We've seen it all but the show is far from over
We haven't seen the final act, so don't roll over "Rover"
Hang on to your you know what, it's not our curtain call
We have to be there for not only us, but for those who call.

"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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