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The ride to the Land of Forever is filled with love
This love is the light to show us, how we strive to be above
Your patience brings the music to your heart
Your life's work will be to never, never one to part
For there, the map to the Land of Forever, you will see
For in the Land of Forever, your heart and soul will one be

When you feel the music lift your soul
The magic of the moment within the realm of your believing will hold
You touch yourself, with your mind pressed into your spirit
The feeling is overwhelming, it's so overpowering, you feel it

The scenes of what you see, the magic of what you feel
Of all those mysterious moments, when everything looks so real
So when you plunge your heart into what you love and believe
And you experience it all, let it consume your mind to totally retrieve
All that is there, you know that you're alive, in a different sense
What would have happened if you missed the chance

There is no end to this journey to the Land of Forever
Where there isn't any no, not, or never
Anything is possible, in where this place waits for all
Just listen to your heart, in this music, it has a precious call

So move your mind into your heart, create and let it go
Everyday be on your way to the Land of Forever, and you will always know
That forever, is always and always, love will always be with you
Because no matter what, we'll always love each other too.

~ Only Me ~

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