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Dr. M
~ Only Me ~

Our heart goes out to you
For without you, we've wondered what to do
What we have had to do, trying to help Pam
We have cried our hearts out, to see how we can
To help our daughter as you were holding her hand

I know the precious time you spend with her
And with every session with her, a message she receives
She takes a small step, even though the thought doesn't occur
But she realizes, what must be and in trying she believes
The comfort that you give will always be a source
That source of life so strong, its strength is its force

She sees your presence as a strong and caring hand
She knows with you there, some day she'll understand
So if you can, keep your light on
For if she knows that, she can carry on

You have seen so many who are deeply in need
Of that comforting shoulder, that advice that provides the seed
To get well and strong to face life and all
We say thank you, for caring when she does call
I know that my words, you have concern
But I believe that as I write, I learn

The words come from within me, but you see
The source of inspiration is my daughter, who really loves me
She inspires me, to write these words of rhyme
The words just flow, like a river of time
Because that's all I have, for this daughter of mine
I hope that you can understand this journey, I'm on
Its like I cannot stop until my life is gone
And even then, she'll be able to see and continue
Because, she'll have my words to lean on and be with you

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