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~ Only Me ~

I went walking today, and I thought of you without a strain
The word of love and what it means to me, came rushing to my brain
I knew I had to rush home and start to write, before it all went down the drain
You know what I mean, if you don't write it when it comes to your brain
It will all be lost and nothing will remain
So I rushed home and started to write and this is what came out of my heart
I thought of love and what it means to me and how this story, I would start
Right now, as I reflect, its seems so simple to me
Love is something we all have, its ours to give, you see
Love cannot be received, as people would expect it to be
Because, it can only be given from the person, who wants to give the love, you see
For those who know love, therefore, they can give it
They ask nothing in return, its unconditional, if its love, you will know it
If its not love, you will know, because pressures will be placed on you to return it
The only clues you will have to know if love is given, is to see if nothing is asked for it
Therefore, you see, love cannot be received, it can only be given
And if it is given, you will know that the love can begin
So think profoundly about it and you will see
That when love is given between two people, they will be
In love with each other and they will be able to live
Because their love, without conditions, they give

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