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The Pureheart Journey
~ Only Me ~

The thousand steps from where this begins
Is a journey of life and of the sounds it brings
A million more I'm hoping for
And even more, and even more

For this story is one of heart, not of one but of three
Its a journey of hearts and for yearning others to see
What they have brought for us to hear
The sounds of Pureheart, and it is clear

We all embrace their precious sound
We are in a trance, the sounds all around
It warms your heart, it swells your mind
It soothes your soul, it calms and you will find

A spirit so strong, so take it in, take it all
For if you don't you won't hear the call
Move into their world of pure
And feel each and every heart it will cure

With their sounds alive and strong
Can only be for you and me, and it won't be wrong
The path is clear and we know where we will go
To a better place, so we will know

That the journey has begun
Its purpose for us all to be one
We know it well, we know it shall
So be a part of it all, and listen well

We all shall join the Pureheart way
Then we'll know that every day
In each and every way, we will know for sure
The Pureheart way of being pure.

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