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A Birthday Poem
~ Only Me ~

It was 32 years ago, on this day you were born
Had I known we had an eagle, I should have been warned
But time takes its time to reveal what is not seen
And it took 32 years for me to realize what you've been

I'm sorry that it took so long for me to see
That you must fly on your own so you can be
The courageous eagle that you are, I'm so proud to know
And with each and every precious moment, our love does grow

Its not what I could have bought for you, that you need right now
So, I write this poem for you, because in my heart, I now know how
You have struggled and found yourself, and you are on your way
You now know your road and it's the beginning of your new day

So have a good day and let's think about each other
For our love is so strong for a daugther and her father
There can be no stronger bond between you and me
I will always love you, whatever your future will be.


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