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May our Aunt watch over Me as. . . With glory I Fight. . . In honorable Battle. . . To gain the Wisdom I seek. . . . . .Under the Faces of Luna.

Greetings dear Traveler.

May you find shelter and Comfort here within my Den.
I am Seben, Rank 4 Galliard of the Essex Fianna, Member and Keeper of the Wild Caern beneath Bennet Castle.

I travel the world in Search of the Truth of our Mother's pain.
This has led me on many Journey's, and Umbral Quests.
Many believe my ways and stories are all delusional, and see my pack as an Abomination of the Ways.

I know for a fact that our Aunt is wise, if missunderstood, and it is her example I follow.
Without the Others in this World, we will have no Allies against the coming Apocolyspe.
If we all band together, the Garou, and our Kinfolk, the other Bete, the Kindred, the Mages, the Fae, and others whom the Human populations have 'forgotten', we Will see the Dawn of a new World, not just the End of what we hold so dear.

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