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These are my Enemies, those who fight against me in my Cause.
The Wyrm

Black Spirial Dancers
Maurders Sabbat
Techno-mages Tremere-himself-~shudder~
Various Minions
Pentex DNA Hunters

The Wyrm

This is the entity that has consumed the hearts of the once Noble White Howlers. This force of Balance is now a force of Corruption because the Weaver has ensnared this powereful engine of destruction...driving it insane.
If it weren't for the Wyrm, all of creation would be stagnant or complete chaos. Now the great Balancer teeters on the brink of consumption by the Weaver.

We Garou have battled this power, through its creations and twisted mockeries. We were born to this world through our mother's pain to battle these emenations of Corruption.
The Wyrm's minions are many, even as are the Weaver's, and it is up to us to Serve as the correctors of this Un-Balance. These are the minions and thier far as this Garou has uncovered.

The Triat was once a Balance of Creation, Formation, and Destruction. Then Something happened..., Many believe that the Weaver gained self-awarness and realized that Her creations were being catabolized by Wyrm and dissolved by Wyld. She lost something of Her sanity, and began to weave uncontroablly. Thusly She caught the Wyrm in Her Webs, and in his thrashing he married her insanity and split into the Many-Headed hydra. The Urges, the incarna, The Realm itself is a creation of Weaver's Madness, but the product of Wyrm's Loss.
Now the Wyrm fights all, even itself, trying to find a way lose of the Webs that make its Realm. This in turn both helps and harms Gaia and the Balance. This makes it easier to Battle the Wyrm by using its many faucets against the whole, but more devestating because not many know this.

Black Spirial Dancers

Many of the Tribes fear that this misbegotten Tribe is on the rise. I can say for sure that it is, indeed, growing in numbers. This Tribe collects all breeds and wayward Tribe-members, it finds and collects its Kin and Pure-blood garou through twisted Kin-fetches, and it takes any who have been hurt or abused, left behind or forgotten. This gives their tribe an unfair advantage. As we fight against their Triatiac Father, they take our support and cubs right from beneath our noses.
They have allied themselves with vampires, mages and many toher manifestations of the Wyrm. If they were to truely organize themselves and these others.....thw World would truely be doomed. Like the Malks, these garou are cracked, crazed, insane and wise. They know secrets many of the other Tribes would die for (and have), yet they don't use it to their best advantages. They are too lost in their need for least...most of them are thusly lost to the world.

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