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OOC (out of character) Please Be Paitent, these Pages still under construction.


These are my other characters I have and some that I contiue to play. These include my Larp Characters and my Table top characters.
Seben Canis Sapien / Wendy / Dark Moon / Koosh / Jessebelle / Devrona / Still compiling them all

Seben Canis Sapien, "Seb"

Seb is an American Fianna, born beneath the Gibbous Moon. Her parents are a Verbena Mage and a Wendigo Kinfolk, so how she came to be a Fianna that trafficks with spirits. . . , well.
Seb is very openhearted to her friends. They are the only real family she has left since the tragic accident that claimed her husband and 3-yr old son. When Charles was Embraced by Tremere, she nearly frenzied. . . , but by a sheer act of Will alone, she managed to "bite the bullet." Considering that she was present for the Ritual. . . , this was no mean feat. She nows owes her life to Tremere. . . , for not killing her outright because she was a witness, and she owes her Rage to her beloved friend and soul-brother Charles for each time she remembers the whole shin-dig.
Right now she is striving to collect as much info on all the Supernaturals as possible. This is to be used to understand how their minds work. She is seeking to unite all the groups against not the Wyrm, but the coming Apocylaspe. She believes that the Wyrm is here in force and won't leave until the Final Battle has truely been settled. If all the world's supernaturals gathered their strengths into the camps of their once-enemies to face the upcoming Final Battle. . . , many more will survive to see the Birth of a new World than none at all.
She has witnessed the raising of long lost Elder of Elder Ghural, has been blessed by Luna, has faced Maelfeases and survived, she's even been to realms others would and could only dream of, and return all the wiser. She has been chosen to spread the word of Balance, and gather to her a force so great, not even the End of the World can completely destroy it.
Of course she believes most of these things. . . , but rumors do help spread one's reputation. . . , or noteriaty.

The Triad Chronicle

Gwendolyn Morgan "Wendy"

She is a Bone Gnawer Ragabash, whose lover and mate is the Alpha Ahroun of the Sept. She is a cunning individual, with a strange sense of humor. She was sent away by her parents to a "loony bin" because she was acting funny as a young teen. She also has been blessed with an innate ability to "peek" with little to no trouble.
Right now she is a member of the Sept in Philly and LOVES! playing PlayStation on the Caern's Monitor. The Caern is a Glasswalker one and it's nexus is within a mighty SuperComputer...he, he, he, he, he....,
Her past times are spent wandering the Umbra, chilling with Father Shepard at his Soup Kitchen. . , helping out when needed, working as a janitor at the local Art Museum, and getting her friends good Spet Positions! HA!

Darkest Before Dawn, Philadelphia LARP

"Dark Moon"

She is a Fianna Lupus who trafficks with the Spirit realms. Being a Thuerge helps alot. Unlike most Lupus, she is very curious about the human perspective. How they see and understand things baffles her to no end, but she seeks to learn why they think the way they do. This isn't just raw curiousity. . . , she witnessed her pack brutally slaughtered, then was raised by the self-same two-leggers as a pet. She was well cared for, well "trained", and treated with the utmost respect for her size and sheer power. Not saying that the family which raised her were beta to DarkMoon's eyes, instead they were a deffinite Alpha.
Now she roams with a Garou pack who have yet to choose an Alpha. . . , there are those who lead..yes, but no one person for any sustained period of time. Plus. . . , she's feeling the need to achieve and will take the position by force if nesscery. This is her way, and as a Lupus she cannot deny it at all.

Yn Sooth Chronicle

Deborah Uhsaw, "Koosh"

Koosh is a 12th Generation Malkavain, acknowledged in the city of Newark-Deleware. She doesn't remember her past, though many have tried to tell her she was once human. She doesn't believe them of course, thinking they all are silly. She doesn't even really question where she came from, or who her parents were. . . , all that doesn't matter to her. All that does matter is the need for World Domination. . . . , especially to blow it up!
She is a computer wiz, but not much of a fighter. Her social skills are seriously lax because she spends more time surfing the net then either in chat rooms, or the outside world.
She hates, hates, hates, Hates, HATES, cute litte anime-fuzzy critters. Poke'mon Beware! Also any mention of the Tenchi Series gets you a strange look and a mumble. . . ," grrrr Cabbits! Stupid things."
She's called koosh because she really enjoys playing with koosh balls. . . . , especially throwing them at people and then Obfuscating while their busy ducking for cover.

The Darkest Night, Delaware LARP

Jessebelle Mary DuShire

She is the ultimate in the Joan-of-Arc character-types. She is a Venture Knight, living (or Un-living for you stickler types) during the Dark Ages. Her father was a wealthy vassal, horse-breeder, who's Lord was a powerful Ventrue. Her father bred great, ghoul-family, war-horses for his Lord and liege only to learn that his daughter was singled out to be this lord's "son's" wife.
She has an extreme knack with animals, and had very pontent blood for a mortal. It was even possible that she had some sort of Supernatural kin. . . , but was Embraced shortly after her wedding. Thusly she never learned anymore about who she was, instead she learned more about what she now had become. She's not all that pleased with her current situation, being that she's female in a man's world, but she has the inner strength and honor of any Great Knight.
The War horse she rides is her ghoul, and one of her father's best Stallions. The creature stands well above the head a an average sized human male (of the time), at his withers, and is a very strong and wickedly intelligent beast. He is very loyal to his rider and would die to protect her. . . , but tends to find other ways to trampple the enemy.
Together they are an imposing team. A great knight traveling through the darkest nights to "hunt down the evil" that plagues the world. A steed of tremendous power and skill. Beware Dark Forces, The Black Knight is after you Now.

Dark Ages, World of Darkness Chronicle

Devrona Trement

Another female character who is a D&D style Werewolf (along the lines of the Raven-Loft rules) She grew up in a small valley-town that was composed almost entirely of werewolves. Some were True Lyncanthropes, others were infected. They all took care of the other and lived in virtual peace. Then the radiers came...and died..., though not before one or two escaped.
The outside world always held a passion for Dev, but now that she's been out there...all she wants to do is go home. Yet she is in a Great Bag of well....., She's stuck for now.

ArchAngel's AD&D Adventure

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