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The Umbra, and its Mysteries

" The Places of Powers, the Garou Caerns, are nexuses where the Reality of the Spirit Realms and of The Gaian Realms intermingle. "
-----,Theurge of Essex Caern, England

" Reality is itself mutable, changable when one puts one's mind to the task. The Umbra is the same, but twice as violatile, twice as dangerous to transform and twice as easy to change."
Mark Trant Sapien, Verbena Mage, my Father

" The Triat was once a part of the Greater Whole, But Weaver became unsure of Her Place in All Things, so she took Wyrm aside to ask His Advice. He had some Good Ideas, so she didn't let Him go, afraid He might get busy and Not help Her.
Like an Abused Lover He cried out for help, but none headed His Plight, so He finally lashed out only to catch a bit of Wyld in His Talons.
Of course Wyld didn't appreciate that and left The Scene for a while, and Being as flighty as She is. . ., she just forgot to come back."
Medea, Black Fury Theurge and Tremere. . . (don't ask you really don't want to know ~shiver~)

The Umbra is a vast and unimaginablely huge place, where Dreams and Nightmares roam the landscape, fully alive and self-aware. Its many Realms, sub-Realms, Den Realms (don't go near those. . .unless the Bastet who keeps it knows you and has offered you a place to stay~tank you Ell and Alex for that tid bit~) dreamscapes, Vistas, and even the abodes of the great Totems themselves, as well as the Deep Realms of The Triat, all offer their own brand of Truth, Danger, Victories and... well,... Death.

I have been one of the few who traveled to the Maelfean Realm, the very Home of the Wyrm, and escaped with terrible dreams, few Battle Scars, and of course my Life! Precious Gaia, I never thought I'd return and all that trouble we dealt with, was to rescue a powerful friend and a wounderful Ally from the very maw of the Wyrm.

I've seen many wonders, and though I'm no Theurge, I needed to do the Theurge-thing for my pack. This lasted so long that I finally devised a way to speak with the spirits by using empathic Songs. If you want I might teach them to you, for a price of course.

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