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You are the Traveler to wonder
about The Den

What is The Den?
The Den is an online Role-Playing group, consisting of members/players whom are In Character as soon as they log in as a user. Currently it is via e-mail, but plans for expansion into Chat rooms and a message board are in the cooking pot.
Those in these rooms are asked to keep the profanity to a minimum, as well as any overly graphic and profane Scenes to another room. (When the Chat gets underway, please keep any OOC, or personal, or whispered conversation to the PM's or personal messages) One must Understand these are more adult based games, with more mature themes and matters, but this site is NOT restricted through my own coding. So unless the parents, guardians, or 'watch-dogs' keep the kiddies off the net and away from this page, they will find it. Remember that as you log on. . . 'Virgin-Ears' might hear.

Who can Sign On?
Only those who have signed up before hand here, can be a member of this Group, (or as I like to see it as a table top game online).
Guest are welcome enough, but they Must adhere to the Mundane Rules. AKA you are Not In Character, nor In Game, excepting as an everyday Mortal that has no idea as to what's going on, or what's said.
You have No say or actions during game time, If you have any questions during game time, please use another room or e-mail the Gm if applicable.
In all respects and purposes Guests are Gm controlled Npc's (for plot devices). . . and J.A.F.O.'s (Just Another 'Freakiziod' Observer)
How does one Join, so as to Play here in The Den?
You must first goto the Signup page and . . . Sign up, by filling out the form there.
It is e-mail based so for those who can't, for what-ever reason, send the form . . . Just go to the bottom of the page and Cut-Paste the following info into your e-mail server where it specifies. Soon there shoulb be separate forms for each denzien of the World of Darkness, until then please use what is there.
How does the game mechanics here work?
The player sends the GM a list of numbers, which the GM will ask for (since the GM has a copy of the Character and its stats, cheating is hardly possible). Then all one does is stay in Character through out the plot. If you want to know more, please go to the Rules Page.
The numbers given will be given each a + or - number to be adjusted. . . The Gm makes these adjustments randomly and BEFORE the player gives the Gm their number list. (again to keep from cheating and/or favoritism)
This is until I can get ahold of a 'dice roller' program to add to a chat page.
What happens as on logs on?
(Chat Options)
The scene is set in another room specifically for your introduction to the scene, Before you begin to act, so you know what is seen by your character. . . before stepping into the chat room.
That way we don't have characters just 'appearing' unless otherwise Decided.
Other items of intrest. . .
The room(s), board-space, and e-mail games can be reserved any time during the week as long as it doesn't interfere with other games in progress, and as long as there is at least One GM in the room, on the board or ploting out the story.
Any-member can host a game, aka be a Storyteller, but there must be an actual GM in the Room(s) as well.
Also, so as not to get the White Wolf Publishing Company© up in arms, all game-based information, pictures, plot devices, etc. . . Not made by me, by another GM, or by those who have contributed to my pages in some way, are the property and trademarked Rightfully Registered Stuff of White Wolf© (See the paw graphic below for a link). Any others can be located on my Contributors Page as a special Thank You.
How does one become a GM (Game Master)?
That is by my approval only, only for those who can/will be on the net for such lengths of time as to allow a Good Game. . . and only the Elder gamers (or those who have shown exceptional tact, fairness, and all-around Gm quality-as well as those who have been recomended by other GM's-) are given that status.

If you have any other questions regarding this Room, just E-mail Me.

The message board can be found here,

Any questions or comments can be addresses to the Administrator. Thanks ;-)

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