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Some of the characters encountered on my trip

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Half German half Turkish babe!!

Guelen was a good friend during her time at the school.Cool,sophisticated and with more clothes than the rest of Melkart put together, I only ever saw her wear the same clothes twice!!

Never one to shirk a party or bottle of wine Guelen smoked like a chimney and was notable for missing classes in the morning, her attendance record was even worse than mine!!

Dutch Chick!!

Judith was a friend of Guelen's and they stayed together in the same apartment

Great attendance record at school, only managed to make her miss one lesson!!

Sweary Fucking German!!

Frank was the fucking brashest, rudest fucking guy in the fucking school and made class a lot of fucking fun. Organiser of many parties that caused great fucking hangovers, Frank was THE entertainer.

Michigan man!!

Ryan was another old friend from the Grenada course with Guelen and Judith. Only stayed a week but was always there for the parties!!

Muy loco Dutch girl!!

Completely barking mad,don't even know how to spell or pronounce her name Herti was nevertheless a lot of fun. In fact she nearly didn't stay for the course, almost joining a boat to Ibiza with some rich French guys!! Herti called me the "slow motion train" and there were some off the rail conversations with her in class!!

Muy simpatica German girl!!

Very tall(Carmen thought she was the tallest in the class!!) Inka was a complete beginner of Spanish like myself, though I think she has probably improved much more than I did!! I lost a bet with her when walking home at 5 in the morning that she wouldn't get up for class........I can't compete with these youngsters...

Norwiegen drinking machine!!

A fridge stacked with so much alchohol there was no room for food!!! Ah yes, living with Christian meant hard core partying.Frank was there before me and he looked a wreck by the time he returned to Germany.I just about survived. The amazing thing of course was that he only missed 1 class.....Again, how can an old man like me compete!! On the left of this picture is Mike from Denmark who was even worse than me at Spanish.And on the right is Astrid...sorry...I mean Tania!! (Whoops slip of the tongue there) From Austria she was a lot of fun and she took a shine to our man Christian as soon as she arrived

Deutch Babe!!

Flirty, very young and with an impeccable English accent Anika only stayed for two weeks but made certainly made her mark.Silly girl thinks I look like Richard Gere...!!!

These pictures were taken from a party in London....40 girls and Christian.

Crazy Americans!!

2 very entertaining characters.James(on the left) flew over to meet his mate Eric and spent the days either drinking "Don Simone" out of a box or fending off the attentions of Meagan(or usually both).He disappeared one day with a group of rich young French guys on their way to Ibiza and that (I thought) would be the last I would ever hear of the man. One e-mail out of the blue provided me with this picture and proved that he is, in fact alive..!! Eric half-Fin is currently in the UK(I think) spreading the gospel of the "Grateful dead".These guys came round my apartment one evening for a meal and a quiet game of cards...
Unfortunately, the card game was "Emperors and Assholes" which required lots of drinking.After waiting for them to continue playing I found one of them passed out in the bath and the other stumbling around in a cupboard!!

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