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Can't keep away from the place!! After the trip in Oct 2003, I went back again in Feb 2004....just in time for Carnival.

Last year was Gadir, so this time I decided to revisit Melkart after 2½ years. After a night in the Caracol hostel I moved into my apartment on a narrow street just down from the Centro Mercado.
I had 4 roommates which considering there was only 1 bathroom seemed a little crowded.

Well, one of my roomies was Vega(named after a star) Powell, who very quickly became my beer and coffee pal.....
Here she is being typically self concious as we sat outside "Le Poem", the only coffee shop where you could catch the sun. Vega is writing a book and she knows lots of famous people like "Jordan" and er.., she's played pool with Billy Bragg!!
There was one saturday night where everyone had to dress up for carnival, and here we were just before heading out.....Ricardo(my mate from Gadir last year),er..a French girl,Vega(who was my bitch for the night),classmate Sylvia and Zorro himself on the right.
Now, there were no pictures from the night itself...too crowded and very ,very surreal. There were shrimps, cows, devils and various fruit and veg walking about. We all got split up and I ended up in a club with Vega and a couple of Irish lads.So the next day, this was the scene around the market. Lots of floats moving slowly around with singers and musicians packed on entertaining the crowds.
And here are the Irish!! Dave and I drinking from jam jars at the Quo Cadiz hostel.
Brendan, his mate has bought a flat in Cadiz and they have both been living in it with no water or electricity.......nice!!
Didn't stop a young American lass from going back one night though did it...!!
The teachers at Melkart have always been that bit friendlier...remember Carmen Pilar the first time I went?? Well this is me with Laura my conversation teacher. I thought she fancied me because of the way she'd look me directly in the eye, but after mentioning it to Howard(the guy who sat next to me) he said she did the same to him.....these Spanish eh!!
Here is the whole class...sitting on the left is Willheim who was also my roommate and liked a drop of beer "sin alcohol". sitting on the right is the aforementioned Howard who runs a travel company from Edinburgh.
Sylvia, who hails from Dresden and whose father calls the English "Island monkeys" has an American boyfriend but was often seen drunk and arm in arm with strange men!!
My two best mates Rick and Vega in pre-going out mode. Rick really was the party man and introduced me to a lot of Swedish folk who were forever "making a party" in his flat.
Oh no!! He's blown it with the women again!! Rick you've got to remember, don't get too drunk or stoned and don't abuse these nice girls!!....So here he is looking suitably "triste"
My favourite girls!! Helena on the left and Disa on the right. Who said Swedish girls were cold!! José in the middle runs a cheap bar and gets a lot of backpackers in there for the er..budget drinks!
Well, I have to say it was probably the best time I've had in Spain so far......Out nearly every night, meeting people, didn't learn much, weather was crap most of the time but a damned fine time was had by all!!....So what next??...that's right back again in April 2004!!

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