Water Rats Gig, March 2001

Here you go kids, the first CHO exclusive (kinda):
(Unless you count that flippin' interview where I got the exclusive 'Mateo puts star on top of Christmas tree, and has angel above window!'. Still, I bet no one else ever asked FLC/CH members about their choices of Christmas Tree decoration except maybe their 'moms' when they were kids! LMAO!) Anyway I digress. Exclusive (as far as I know), pics of the WaterRats Theatre gig the band did earlier this year. Thanks to Mr G for sending me these (got there in the end) and Bash for taking the pics.

King on vocals and guitar King and Mateo (bg). They got their fashion sorted. Mr G, Rich (incidentally looks a lot like Taylor Hawkins/Kurt Cobain hybrid) and King Mr G King of the world (betcha 11 cents The Sun steal that to use as a headline). Rich and Mateo bg

Click to enlarge the image, then press 'back' on your browser to return to this page. If you got any CH live images that I haven't please send 'em in. You WILL be credited.


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