Cooley High: Mr G

What do you know?
Actually Mr G is the easiest member of the band to find info on cos he has his own site Paul Check it out.
Info you won't find on the site however, is that Mr G is a Mag. And here's some useless info. He has a tattoo or two.

I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before though...
Maybe you did. Paul has been in several other bands including The King (I tried to rephrase that but it just sounded worse and worse so I'll leave it). The King? seen on TFI Friday and support band for Fun Lovin Criminals on their UK tour in December 1999. May I say at this point I was deaf for three days after the gig which involved an Elvis impersonator singing covers of songs by dead rock stars in the style of Sonny and Cher, offence, it was 'interesting', but I preferred Super Bad Brad (well, who could resist a man with string round his pants singing Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On'?). Apparently they were big in Germany. #Cough#
Alternatively you may have seen him hanging with Mateo after one of the FLC 1999 gigs. There have been reports of the pair, slightly the worse for wear, discussing bizarre things on the way out of the venue.

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If you have any CH live pics that I haven't, please send them in. You WILL be credited.

I'm sure there was something I forgot to get at Sainsbury's...bollocks! Brown Ale.

One Man and His Guitars...well the herding round should be easier

Image nicked from Paul without permission.

Pre-Cooley High link: Klaus' page I tried to nick the pics off this site, but right-click is disabled. As soon as I figure out how to hack into it, I'll put up the pics of Paul when he was in The King's band. Until then, follow the link. UPDATE: Too easy. But I have a guilt complex about thieving the pics cos Klaus looks like such a poppet so I'll stick with the link.


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