Barfly@Monarch, August 2001

Well she took all of my money...and she walked on out the doo-oor!

Thank you to partners in crime, Terrible Tanya and Really Scary Ray. Much appreciate it. Most of these pics were taken while drunk. I was avoiding the camera and..erm people wearing red jeans at the time.
You got CH pics? Well send me 'em.

They were red and yellow and green and brown and ochre and peach and... Flyin' too close to the su-un...and you're gonna get bu-ur-rned! Pint courtesy of Carl Spackler Esq. This song is about another of my failed relationships... It's Winnie FLC's head! Oh, and Fiff!

These three amazing pics are from Underexposed website, awaiting authorisation.

Love those shoes King n Mr G Flying too close to the sun

Click to enlarge the image, then press 'back' on your browser to return to this page. If you got any CH live images that I haven't please send 'em in. You WILL be credited.


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