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Apparently Cooley High are alive and well and up to something. More if I get it.

Cooley High are to tour the UK sometime this summer. Whether they mean London or the actual UK I guess we'll find out. They appear to be represented by Fruit Pie which is where I got the info from.
Cooley High also played the 'East 10th Street Block Party' last Saturday, 1st June 11am-6pm. 'Thanks to Kingsize USA, those of us spending the weekend in the city have the first-ever East 10th St Block Party at which to whoop things up. Have a drink (or many), perhaps a bite, and enjoy the diverse array of bands and performers DJs Royce, Miss Bliss, D Low, Planeside, Cooley High, classical guitarists, an Afro-Cuban band complete with dancers, and even a Tai Chi presentation. And if that's not enough, there's even an after-party with the Kingsize crew at Drinkland from 6pm to 4am. Go EVille! (NG)' Flavorpill. Thanks to Michelle for this.
The oompa-loompas in the FLC Office have started taking the money for 'Sooley High- Sounds of Brooklyn' [sic] from people so if you ordered a copy then expect a random copy of Mimosa on your doormat soon!
I have had this news for a while, but it was all posted on the MB when it came in.
Okey dokey pig in a pokey, that's all for now. I'll try and get my lazy ass in gear if more news appears. (I've finished Uni for now, but I'm working aforementioned fat ass off to pay for it!) Maybe see some of y'all at the Astoria for the FLC gig this time next week. Support is provided by Scapegoat Wax who sound pretty hot. Obviously not in the same league as CH though ;-) Until next time....

Ok the site's been up a year, we're not sure if Cooley High still even exist, there's no news. But still we'll have a small award ceremony:

Thank you all very much. If there's any news on whether CH still exist, I'll let you know. If not.. Au Revoir.

As far as I'm aware, there's no news from the CH camp. Granted I haven't been ferreting about in the seedy underworld of P-list (or pissed) celebrities... (Although I did know about Will Young being gay weeks ago cos my mate's mate knows him!). Anyway, it's the new year, well into it in fact and still no sign of the new CH material that's been promised. I shall do some ferreting in the next couple of weeks... (Man I feel like I just woke up after several years of being dead!)
However, Sounds of Brooklyn has been a great source of amusement to me (check out the messageboard), as the leedle Oompa Loompas in the FLC office attempt to put the CDs in Jiffy bags, slap on an address label and a stamp and put them in one of them there 'mail box' thingies. Perhaps they can't reach the hole to post them in. Anyway, I should warn you that CDs ordered before Christmas still haven't arrived on the doormats they're supposed to. Couple that with the fact that they're calling random people Dave and trying to send Mimosa instead... well I think they've been on Willy Wonka's special candy.
If you still want to order SOB (the Oompa Loompas haven't been taking the money for these CDs so they're not entirely corrupt!), the link is here: DiFontaine Records and Tapes
P.S.: Just checked out the link about - Cooley High are under 'Sooley High'. Oompa Loompas have fat fingers...S and C are interchangable or a qwerty keyboard obviously! ROFL!

Well my pretties, I got some special treats for you today in the form of two fabulous pics taken late last year in Dublin, courtesy of John - THANK YOU! The photos are (c)Dardis/McDonnell2001 so PLEASE do not swipe them. Thank you. These pics are high quality and so take a while to download. I'd do you some lower quality thumbnails but I broke Adobe Photoshop. Who knew it was an essential .DLL file?!
Due to the nature of the women on these pictures, they may not be suitable for viewing by jealous females or frustrated young fellas! LOL! Here you go:

Picture 1: Mateo pleads his case to the Ricki Lake 'The boy is mine!' jury
Picture 2: Huey places his order, "Mmm, mmm, mmm..! I'll have a piece 'o that!"

Happy New Year guys! Hope you had a great holiday season and y'all are refreshed and ready to be back at work (ick) or uni (ick ick that doesn't cover it ... ick ick ick ick ick ick ick!) or whatever!
What news do I have for yous? The Cooley High gigs in Dublin were very well received I hear! Nice one boys! There was a gig in Eamonn Doran's and one as support for that band - I don't know if you've heard of them - the Fun Lovin' Criminals who did a mini-tour of the UK and Ireland to pay for Christmas. I did see Mateo after the gig in Manchester but I didn't speak to him... thinking about it I should have downed the tequila and demanded to know why Cooley High aren't playing gigs in the UK anywhere north of Watford but given that I have that amazing talent of making an arse of myself I think it was for the best that I hid in the corner and tried to be invisible LMAO! I did speak to Winston and I managed to get CH into the conversational arena (I drank a lot of tea today, it affects me. Or maybe it's the peroxide LOL!), but then he asked why I didn't speak to Mateo before he left (What and ask him if he's putting the star on top of his tree again this year? Hmm...). Well actually, he asked why I didn't speak to the singer in Cooley High and I was like 'King?! He's not he?!'.
Speaking of whom, if you didn't already know, King made an appearance on UK TV. The Discovery Channel no less, on a show called 'Bounce - Behind the Velvet Rope' which was about.. bouncers and doormen. SO here goes the synopsis. King used to work as a bouncer but now works as a doorman (Where? I don't know)- which is better cos he doesn't have to get all violent and he gets money and women thrown at him. (I hope not literally - there are some big women knocking around. Ay ay ay! ;-)) The best line he's ever heard from someone trying to get in the club where he works was 'I gotta change my brother's colostomy bag'. The guy didn't get in. But nice try. What else? Oh you gotta be good to get past King, and if you're offering him 'the best blow job he ever had' - you better make sure cos if it ain't - he's kicking you out. So if you're flicking through the 'educational' channels - watch out for King! Thanks to Angie for this!
More when I get it!

More shame. BIG shame. I only just discovered this myself, but, Cooley High's debut EP, Sounds of Brooklyn, can be purchased online at DiFontaine Records and Tapes. I had this bookmarked a while back but just never got round to checking it so I don't know how long this has been available online. But there you go - all who want the CD can now get it!

I'm ashamed. A month between updates?! So so sorry. The MB's been getting info though:

Courtney Pine is supporting F.L.C. in Scotland and London, not Cooley High, but Cooley is supporting at The Point in Dublin, 21-12-01, and a headline show at Eamon Doran's 22-12-01......sorry to disappoint anyone, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Thanks to Mr D. Whoever that is. #raises eyebrow#
Why did noone tell me that reviews had disappeared? It's back now. I also have two new pics of CH playing Shine in July thanks to Tracy. However, they're not up yet cos I caqn't figure out where to put them. Lemme think a while.

Quick update cos I gotta go buy milk. Cooley High will be supporting Fun Lovin' Criminalsn on their December mini-tour of the UK for two nights at Brixton Academy and the Crim's Glasgow date. Huge thanks to Mr G for this info and thanks to CB for posting it on the MB.
To the Mancunian, (and Doncaster, Wolverhampton and Dublin), Massive(s): I feel your pain. I did consider hopping on a train down to London to catch the boys but since the minimum cost would be 50+ and given that I am ACTUALLY skint and haven't paid off Manchester yet... ain't no chance bro... I have no idea who will support FLC at the other venues, but let us hope CH decide they love England so much they'll play for us too... ;-)
More when I hear it.

Ah ha! There you are. I see you... brush your hair fergawdsakes!
I have news... Mateo is trying to sort out Cooley High as support for FLC on their December UK mini-tour. (Oh it may be too much for me to take...) Mateo me boy - you need any help, you just give me and my business partner a yell. We can 'sort it'. We had the FLC office runnin' scared. And come to think of it FLC... (Wusses.)
Cooley High will be back in Dublin playing Eamonn Doran's at some time in the near future. I have no idea when but I'm figuring all my loan will be gone by then. Bugger.
Apparently FLC are setting up a pizza place in Dublin, (#snort# Like the elusive DiFontaine's?), and Mateo will be training the chefs. Get the blue plasters in - y'all saw Mateo waving that knife around on Love Ya Back.
What else? Talk among yourselves while I think....Ah FAQ... Yes King does dress like that all the time. Yes Cooley High want to play in the UK. (Subliminal message ~~~Newcastle Newcastle Manchester Manchester~~~ End of subliminal message.) And finally, how do I know all this? Thanks to Ash on this occasion! Good work girl! I owe you a tape which I will sort tomorrow!
Oh and I know the images take bloody ages to load but I ain't good with this whole HTML lark, (although I have been at it 2 years, I should be), and I'm a little short on the whole time thing at the mo. I'll sort it sometime.

Amazing pics from Underexposed Indie Pics added to the Barfly page.
Check them out.

OI! BOYS! There's a seething mob on the messageboard, baying for... A GIG IN THE UK! Sort it! (Actually, give it a month so I can make up some dodgy merchandise to sell outside the gig...)

Ok. I admit the last update didn't constitute news. But this does!
At the mo, the Cooley High boys are finishing up some new tracks for a CD planned for independent release around New Year, depending on how it all goes. Oh yes, but control yourselves kids- there's more! There's a gig, tentatively scheduled for November 1st at The Viper Room in LA! BIG thank you to Rocco for this!
Nothing on whether CH will support FLC on their December Mini-Tour.

People, try and control yourselves, for I have news which may soothe your troubled existence. No, I'm afraid it's not a Cooley High World Tour, but it's an almost equal substitute.
I may have excited your attention with the news of a Chesney Hawkes comeback earlier in the year. Not only is this tour underway, but I have gleaned other information from the wondrous creation they call the 'world wide web'. JASON DONOVAN IS TOURING THE UK TOO! Oh yes! Please - no fainting! Calm.... breathe...
The bad news is that both eschewed Newcastle in favour of Smogland aka Middlesbrough. BLOX!

No news is...really irritating.
Ah ha but I have been plotting in the evil manner in which I excel! I dropped out of English Lit and dropped into Business and Economic Studies....mwahahaha! I'll turf JB out of his job and manage Cooley High! (Come on - he can't manage FLC and Cooley High. That's just greedy! Snigger...) And if that fails - unlikely though that is - I'll become a corporate litigator and sue the asses off CH for emotional distress caused by not playing any more gigs in the UK! They may hate me more then, but at least I'll be rich and hated. Ooooooh they could be COMMANDED to play a gig by the judge...
Seriously though, there's no news that I am aware of, although I can confirm that Huey Morgan and King are brothers. The evidence? They LOOK THE SAME! (Which means King is also related to Carl from Caddyshack - see here for more info on this.) Oh and the Magic 8-Ball said. I think we all know it's never been wrong before.
Yes I have been drinking. Lemsip.

More Bulldog.

He he. Eamonn Doran's review here. Enjoy. Thanks to Viki and Ash T.

Added some new pics from the Virtual Festivals site to the bulldog page. (Thanks to Herb.)
Coming soon, an Eamonn Doran's review (dammit, I need to learn how to spell that!), featuring amusing moments with panties and unrelatedly, very drunk members of Cooley High... wonder who that was... #snigger# (
And if you want to see Mr G play with his band 'Kyle', they'll be playing Eamonn Doran's on 20th October. (Thanks to Ash T.)
Also, the MB appears to have gone mad, and I for once, am the innocent party! Woohoo! (Only cos I didn't think of it, dammit, I'll have to be more devious next time.) Anyways... apparently two members of CH have been kidnapped and the ransom is a gig. If you have any trouble collecting, kidnappers, then I'm Gigs are a good idea.

More King. Can you handle it? Coming soon...more Ritchie, more Ireland...and er...Christmas?

If you missed the one sentence about CH at the Bulldog in The Guardian newspaper's 'Friday Review' section, here it is (re: Bulldog choice of music):
'Last year's adventurism (which secured Alabama 3 and Fun Lovin' Criminals) was abandoned in favour of safer but bigger bets, although lead Criminal Huey Morgan returned to play alongside Cool High [sic]on Saturday.'

Spelt wrong and only mentioned cos of Hubert FLC aka Carl's appearance but's something.
Oh and I updated the King page. Dedicated to a meat addict to the NE of York.

He he he enjoy! Barfly Pics.
Man this site's grown. It's a monster...mwahahahahaa! (Sorry, been filling in forms all day, it has an effect on the brain.)
I'll get round to doing some site credits and a discography-kinda thing soon. Possibly. Unless there's a meat or cheese shortage, in which case I cannot guarantee my future survival.

Ok. I have some Barfly pics lurking around on my hard drive thanks to the wonderful Tanya (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and [drunken] 'photographer something-or-other', Raymondo Meatola Jnr III. I'll aim to put them up tomorrow.
As for the sounds. No comment. #Mutters something that sounds like 'truckers' but isn't...#

Those lovely people at angelfire (note sarcasm of tone) won't let me put up the samples for y'all. I'm testing out geocities cos I got some other sites on there so I can just link to a random page on their server if it works ok. Do you believe it though? Remote loading my ass!

UPDATE: So when are Cooley High playing Newcastle's Union bar?
Is 12.04 a.m. Results Day. Bless me little cotton socks, I been slaving away to put up the Bulldog Bash pics before I get all tied up in other stuff. Check em out here. God Bless y'all...hope anybody getting results gets what they want...
CH boys. Radio 1 are playing Rock of Travolta on Steve Lurpak's Evening Session. They supported you on Friday. Sort it.

Ok, I got reviews and info updated. Pics will follow tomorrow. I'm working on the whole samples thing.

CH played four songs at Eamonn Doran's on the 6th, for Huey Morgan of FLC's 33rd birthday. No word on yesterday's gig as yet. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start a campaign for the illegalisation of whisky... dear God someone please remind me of this when I try to order a JD and coke this weekend.
Which brings me to the next point. CHO is going on a little 'field-trip' to the Bulldog, via some "other places". Expect a full report on CHO's return, probably littered with tales of comedy escapades that my partner in crime and I intend to have. I cannot divulge more just yet or the secret plans will be foiled. Let me tell you this though. The plans involve paisley, cash and a lot of vodka. Oh and a bowler hat...

Funny story. The people at Barfly don't know who Cooley High are! In fact, the band's name had to be pointed out on a nearby poster. Don't ask how I know... Anyways.. FIFF - this