Cooley High: Ritchie Mack

The info here is a little patchy - what is it with drummers named 'Mack' and vows of silence?!?!?! (It's a little irritating when any searches you attempt only come up with results linking to your own site!!!!)

Pre-Cooley High, Rich played with Ben E. King and was in another band with Mateo.

Woohoo, we at CHO Investigations have a lead...and visual evidence, yes it's true folks, Rich is at present drumming for ex-NKOTB Joey McIntyre (the one who's on MTV:Cribs). You'd think I was making this up...but no! Click here for pics and a coupla videos, which my computer refuses to play, from the site. Hmmm...those who are more suspicious among us may suggest that someone has been doctoring these vids... LOL! [Thanks to..well, you know who you are! ;-)]
I was more of a Take That girl myself...!
I'll get the pics up on here asap, but I gotta go to work now! Lucky me!
Ok am back, and as promised, here are two pics from I'd do thumbnails, but it's really not worth it!

I spy, with my little eye, someting beginning with 'R'...

D'oh! The big sign's kinda a giveaway to R's hiding place!

Mail me any more info you have!


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