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DiFontaine Records and Tapes
Buy Cooley High's debut EP, Sounds of Brooklyn, here.


Planet FLC
Artist page at (Yes, it says Coolio High...)
UPDATE: The boys have two pages. One Cooley High, one Coolio High... Cooley High page

Soul Brother Records


Carl's Random Arsing About Palace (CRAAP)
So funny, it's wrong!
Insanely addictive and full of mingers, as well as half the cast of Hollyoaks and David Beckham. Not that I'm excluding them from the mingers thing...! UPDATE: Girlies, check it out - three reasons. 1. There are a LOT of US Marines on there. 2. Ditto British Navy men 3. Ditto British Army blokes! And they ain't all just 'two-bottles-of-import-strength-vodka' masquerading as fine cos they're in uniform. Oh no...some are just HOT!
I know it's wrong...

FTM Executive Suite
He he he....!
Random tests which are v. funny! My coffee drinking type is 'sophisticated' and my personality type is 'rock star'?! Ooh and my car type is a convertible! YEAH BABY! (And this has gotta be right cos it said my true [inner] star sign was Scorpio and I am. Let me believe...)
More random tests... turns out I am:

I think this thing lies. How can I be 25% slut and 57% pure? Especially when I'm a Scorpio?
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Tells you if you're drunk or not. With added jokes for that fuller flavour...


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