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The cool new

"The Cause"

This is the story of Ash Grey, a guy who used to be just like you, until zombies started popping out of everywhere, and he gets delegated to the post of Defender Of Earth by a group of delinquent gods!

Episode 1: Ash's Day Out

Episode 2: Dead Man Limping

Episode 3: Hallway Of Smoke And Mirrors

Episode 4: At The Table Of Manifestation

Episode 5: A Brief History Of Time (abbrv.)

Episode 6: Fall From Grace

Episode 7: Homecoming

Episode 8: Deus Ex Machina

Episode 9: The Doppleganger

Episode 10: Haunting Me/ Welcome To Valleyfield

Episode 11: Heir To The Throne

Episode 12: Rumble in The Concrete Jungle: Part One

Episode 13: Rumble in The Concrete Jungle: Part Two

Episode 14: Endgame

Episode 15: School Daze

"the effect"

After "The Cause" finished, Ash woke up in a whole new world ruled by those he had come to hate. Now humanity is enslaved by Evil, and our only hope is a slacker who couldn't even get it right the first time!

Episode 2-1: Brave New World/ Square One

Episode 2-2: Schoolhouse Rock

Episode 2-3: An Unfriendly Eyeball

The equally cool new

Jigoku-Sama's "Restricted Romance"

This is the long-awaited "Restricted Romance". If you're into this kind of thing, I think you'll enjoy it, even though it's not very romantic yet, nor is it restricted in any way. It's more of a "PG"/borderline"PG-13" thing. Well, enjoy!

Chapter One: The Departure

Chapter Two: The Arrival

Chapter Three: The Outrage

Chapter Four: The Despair

Chapter Five: The Hope

Chapter Six: The Friendship

Chapter Seven: The Nemesis

Chapter Eight: The Girl

Chapter Nine: The Forgiveness

Chapter Ten: The Rejection

Chapter Eleven: The Request