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Jigoku-Samaís Restricted Romance


After recuperating, Kai helped his friends out the door. He told them that he couldnít see them again. They left and that was it. He had no friends besides Sensuke now. Kai finished working and went to sleep. He woke up and began work again.

During his break, Kai could not go back to the schoolyard so, he decided to go to an arcade. He hadnít had any fun for a while. Unfortunately, most of the arcades were closed during school hours but he finally found one shortly. Once Kai entered he had to show a pass given to him by his father which granted him access to the games amongst other things. The pass showed that his was visiting from a foreign country and that he was not attending school. Kai looked at the selection of games. It was a pretty old arcade so they still had some of the older editions of Street Fighter. He was actually smiling as he played for he hadnít played a game in years due to his forced studies.

After his break, Kai returned to Mr. Akamaís restaurant. He began mopping the floors and began thinking of Ai. This was what he was doing when they first met. Kai really wished he could talk to her again. His quest for friends had failed and now he was back where he started. He wanted to ask her out on a date but, wasnít sure of her response.

Sensuke could see Kai, leaning on his mop with his eyes in a daydreaming state.

"Ok, Kai, out with it. Whatís on your mind thatís distracting you from your work?" said Sensuke after smacking Kai in the head.

"Itís that girl who returned my apron the other day." said Kai.

"Ah jeez, youíve been here how long? Over a week here and youíve fallen in love. You sure believe in love at first sight, donít you?" said Sensuke.

"I guess."

"So, whatís her name and tell me about her."

"Her name is Ai. Her kindness and beauty were that of an angelís." said Kai.

"Arenít you exaggerating just a little?" said Sensuke, frowning.

" Not at all. You know, Iím thinking of asking her out."

"You retard! Do you know where she lives? Does she have a boyfriend? Does she even remember you?"

"Well I donít know, but she did say Iíll see you soon." said Kai.

"Ah heck. Donít you know anything? She probably just wanted to be friendly."

"I see. Well maybe, I can just talk to her. You know, to get to know her better."

"Right. Still, how are you going to find her if you donít know where she lives?" said Sensuke.

"Well, sheís been coming past here everyday for some reason but, Iíve always hidden in the kitchen when she walked past. Maybe, I can talk to her when she comes by."

"Good idea, you coward. Though I should caution you, maybe she knows self defense so donít say anything thatíll make her mad." said Sensuke.

"Youíd be no use to us with broken limbs."

"Thanks for the advice. Iíll just wait until she comes by."

Kai continued working a few hours, sweeping the floors and washing dishes. At around 3:30pm, Ai walked by. Sensuke poked his head out the window.

"Hey, Kai! Sheís coming. Get ready!"

Kai straightened his hair and walked out the door with a bag of garbage as an excuse to go outside the restaurant. He saw Ai in a track red and blue tracksuit running and pretended to look overwhelmed.

"Ai! What a nice sur..."

Before he could get another word out, the two collided on the sidewalk. The bags of trash fell to the ground. Kai, assuming he had turned the situation into a debacle got up and decided to walk back into the restaurant without saying a word.

"Hi Kai," she giggled, "You were saying?"

Suddenly, Kaiís head whipped around.

"You still want to talk to me? After I knocked you flat on your ass?"

Realizing how he was speaking, Kai now knew his second chance to start conversation had ended. He began walking very quickly back into the restaurant.

"Hee hee. You are a strange boy." she said.

"Go on."

She was acting as if none of the bad things had happened. Kai decided to play along.

"Anyways, what brings you around here?"

"Iím on my way to my swimming practice. Iím sort of late though"

"Oh, well uh, I, I, was..."

In the window, Sensuke was pointing to his watch and making signals to hurry up.

"I see. Listen Ai, are you busy later on this evening?" asked Kai quickly.

"Well no, why do you ask?"

"I um, was wondering if you would like to do something to do this evening?"

"Oh? You mean a date?" said Ai.

Kai froze and looked at the ground to hide the redness on his face.

"A date? Th, thatís c,crazy. You people jump to conclusions too fast! Just cause some asks if you want to..."

"Sure." she said giggling.

"...first you want you want a date and furthermore I... wait a minute, what did you say!?" Kai screamed. "I said Iíd be glad to do something with you."

"W, well thatís great, what time?" "How about seven?" she said.

"Thatís great! Thatís when I get off work but uh, isnít that a little late? It gets dark pretty soon." said Kai.

"Well, thereís a lot of people who stay out at night since itís Saturday. Besides, you look strong. You could protect me, right?"

"Um, sure. Iíll protect you. By the way, where do you live?" asked Kai.

"Oh, Iíll give you my address." she said.

Ai took out a pen and paper and wrote down her address on the paper and gave it to Kai.

"So, Iíll see at 7:00?" said Kai.

"Right. Iíll be waiting outside my apartment building."

"Great, then Iíll see you later."

"All right, I look forward to it." said Ai and she continued walking.

Kai looked at her until she got to the end of the street and turned the corner. Kai went back into the restaurant. "YEEEEESSS!" yelled Kai.

He began dancing around as if possessed while shocked customers and waiters stared.

"Nice going, Kai." Sensuke said sarcastically.

"A, a date? Thatís crazy!" Sensuke said mimicking Kai.

"Oh, shut up, will you?" Kai laughed.

Sensuke continued mopping the floors, laughing.

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