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Welcome To The Updates Section!

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4/4/02- more quotes. "Quote this, bitch!"- Citizen Matt

27/3/02- new bios, new episodes of "The Cause" and "Restricted Romance". I'm excited. How 'bout you?

22/3/02- Fixed table bug on index page. Also added Site Map. Ain't life grand?

21/3/02- new counter, new pic in Fate bio, new restricted romance. New, new, new!

20/3/02- new pic in ash bio, plus a whole new section! check it out

14/3/02- There are now pictures in the Staff section. All for Cylus, all for Cylus....

1/3/02- IFAQ is up. Send in your own IFAQ, and watch as we do nothing about it!

26/2/02- More quotes, a slogan, and A HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!

23/2/02- Hey, I got some quotes in.

22/2/02- Lots of updates. Today I made, well, this section you're looking at, the "updates" section if you can believe it. I also got rid of all the broken links. now they all point to a nice "sorry, currently under construction" page, which means convenience for me, and less broken links for you. Win/Win.

21/2/02- There! I finished Episode 12 of "The Cause". I think it's the best one yet. Hopefully you'll think so too.

20/2/02- Finally! I finished writing episode 11 of "The Cause". It really angered me. Soon episode 15 will come and the blessed hiatus with it...

14/2/02- Happy Valentines Day! Although for some of us (cough, me, cough) it's insipid,but some people like it. So anyways, as a special Valentine's treat, I put the first five episodes of Jigoku-Sama's "Restricted Romance" up! Isn't it exciting?

10/2/02- Hey everybody! I actually got someone else to work here! Her name is Spooky Squared, and she says she'll be writing a sci-fi epic for you to read. Very exciting. To prove her writing talent, she wrote her own bio! After I Beratized® it, I put it on the Staff Page. Enjoy.

11/1/02- I promise to finish Season One of "The Cause" soon, so quit haggling me about it, goddamn it! Jigoku-Sama would like your input on his epic, "Restricted Romance". This of course, requires me, Citizen Matt, to put the damn thing on the site. So stay tuned all you romance lovers out there.

9/1/02- Hot Damn! We're back ladies and gentlemen! Although we're still under construction, MattsHouse is back in business! We're still devoted to making you go read "The Cause", and soon, we'll make you read "Jigoku-Sama's Restricted Romance", an epic series from an accomplished author! I haven't read it yet, but he says it's good, so I guess we'll have to take his word for it. Anyways, I wrote 9 or 10 episodes of "The Cause" to keep you busy. Well, bye.

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