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Number 4 Staff

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The Delicious Number 4 Logo. Now in lime!Lifestyles of the Poor and Lazy, from Number 4 Productions Incorporated

Welcome to the staff section. We here at Number 4 Productions thought it neccessary to tell you all about our lavish lifestyle, here in beautiful Giza. We operate out of a former fish factory, now converted to our own use. Carry on if you wish to know more about the steamy underworld that lurks under Number 4 Productions.

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The Illustrious Staff of Number 4 Productions, in a picture by our very own Jigoku-Sama!

Citizen Matt, as portrayed by well know psychotic psychic, Tetsuo Shima (from Akira)  the I-Do-Way-Too-Much-Work-Considering-I'm-Not-Getting-Paid-Jack award

Citizen Matt, AKA:Webmaster Supreme. The founding father of Number 4 Productions. He thought it up one day, as he was bored out of his skull in a class of some sort. He had a vision of a beautiful site, a place where he could place his writings on display for the world to see. And that place was MATTSHOUSE.COM!

Jigoku-Sama, as portrayed by one of the fine characters from GTA III. In Stores Now!  the I-Do-Way-Too-Much-Work-Considering-I'm-Not-Getting-Paid-Jack award
Jigoku-Sama, AKA: He Of The Too-Long Name. Citizen Matt met Jigoku-Sama, He Of The Too-Long Name, when he was looking for more content to put on his then-dormant site. Jigoku-Sama showed him a story he had written long ago, called Restricted Romance. Citizen Matt didn't really like the story, but decided to put it up out of pity for the poor dejected Jigoku-Sama. We look forward to seeing more product from this supposedly talented writer.

Spooky Squared, as portrayed by a pot of molasses with a spoon in it

Spooky Squared, AKA: Lazy Lass. The newest addition to Number 4. Spooky is possibly the slowest writer on the Internet-- slower than molasses uphill in January. If molasses could type. Maybe if you left it in a fridge for a few months it could evolve some fingers and arms. Then learn English. It would have to form some sort of crude civilisation...perhaps taking over the bottom shelf, then annexing the vegetable crisper, eventually launching an attack on the egg tray to continue their Manifest Destiny and one day escaping the oppression of the elitist sausage landowners! Revolucion! As you can see, she's usually writing about dumb stuff, and her upcoming (supposedly) series is no different!