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Neighbours Girls

Madge Bishop Anne Charleston

1986-1992, 1996-2001

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Occupation: Barmaid, Daniels Corporation office assistant, Coffee Shop manager, Grease Monkeys owner, columnist

Residence: 24 Ramsay Street. Died from Cancer

Related to: Dan and Edna Ramsay (daughter) Harold Bishop (wife), Max & Tom Ramsay (sister), Henry Ramsay and Charlene Mitchell (mom). Also related to Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Gemma Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Kerry Bishop, David Bishop, Sky Bishop, Toby Mangel.

Love interests: Harold Bishop & Lou Carpenter

Marital Status: Fred Mitchell (divorced), Harold Bishop May 1988 (Again!), February 1997

Clips 970k  Fright 1:13  0.98MBs Falling 0:22 With Harold 

1008k No probs 0:30 Harold & Desi Grant _ Katherine McLean-Grease monkeys owner.

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