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Neighbours Girls

Lyn Scully Janet Andrewartha 1999...

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Biography: (born 16 September 1952) is an Australian actress. She is famous for playing the role of Reb Kean in the popular Australian series Prisoner, which she played from 1984-1986. Since 1999, she has been in another popular Australian series, Neighbours, where she plays the role of Lyn Scully. She also got to act alongside the actress who used to play her mother, Deidre Kean, in Prisoner, Anne Charleston. > Madge

 Occupation: Hairdresser, salon manager, Beauty Tree salesperson

Residence: 26 Ramsay Street

Related to: Valda Sheergold and Charlie Cassidy (biological parents), Connie and Henry O’Rourke (adoptive parents), Michael and Marnie (adoptive siblings), Joe Scully (husband), Steph, Felicity/“Flick”, Jack and Michelle (mother)

Marital Status: Joe Scully

Notable moments: Finding out that Valda was her mother, becoming a mother in her 40s and                  experiencing postnatal depression.

"Hair dresser and mother of 4 Lyn is typical working class wife and Mum. She tries to be there for all her kids’ triumphs and trials, especially her 3 girl’s trials with boys. She's also had trials of her own though when her new Boss Gino Esposito tried to get rid of her because he wanted a younger look in the salon. Lyn fought back by setting up her own business and taking her clients with her.  When this hit Gino 's takings he exposed Lyn as an illegal business, as she was operating without a license. Lyn knew that Gino Esposito needed her more than she him and made him sweat a bit before returning to the salon on her own terms. Lyn may be quiet but like her girls, she's a real fighter."

Clips 945k Court 1:11 Steph trial ¦

                    952k Wrestling 0:58 With Toadie & Kevin Brown _ Domenic Brancatisano

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