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Neighbours Boys

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  Season Finally Australia 2005

 Which is the face of a killer

                  This one

Occupation: Coffee Shop manager/owner, Health food shop manager, columnist, Grease Monkeys owner

Residence: 24 Ramsay Street

Related to: Frank Bishop (son), Madge Ramsay-Mitchell (husband), Kerry and David (father), Sky and Serena (grandfather)

Love interests: Madge, Rosie Hoyland and Ruby Dwyer

Notable moments: Being washed out to sea, found by Helen Daniels and returning in the guise of

Ted after being missing for nearly five years.

Marital Status: Mavis, Madge Ramsay-Mitchell

Harold finally married his childhood sweetheart Madge and moved into Ramsay Street.

He some times found it hard to understand Madge's lively teenage children but he loved his new family.

 Harold was believed to be dead when he disappeared whilst at the beach with Madge.

4 years later he returned with amnesia having spent time recovering in Tasmania.

He was reunited with Madge and it felt like they'd never left the street. They gave a home to Paul McClain and later Tad Reeves.

 Life was good but yet again it dealt Harold a terrible blow. Madge was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after.

Now Paul's left home and Tad will be gone soon.

 Harold doesn't know what the future holds for him, but he has plenty of friends he knows will stand by him.

Date of birth 1940

First appearance: January 30, 1987 Episode 415

Nickname(s) Harry (by Izzy and Joe Mangel)

Jelly Belly (by Lou)

Hazza (by Stingray)

Tata (by Liljana)

Spouse(s) Mavis Bishop (deceased) Madge Mitchell (deceased)

Children: David Bishop (son, deceased) Kerry Bishop (daughter, deceased)

Relatives: Sky Mangel (granddaughter)
Serena Bishop (granddaughter, deceased)
Kerry Mangel (great-granddaughter)
Liljana Bishop (daughter in-law) (deceased)
Joe Mangel (ex-son in-law)

Clips 972k Welcome 1:17 Steph Joe 952k Tell him 0:58 With Rob McCredie _ Myles Collins & Lou

976k A little Sugar 0:42 With Janae & Bree

Home  / Up  / Harry Ramsay _ Will More - 2009