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Neighbours Girls

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Birthday: May 28, 1968
Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia
Birth Name: Kylie Ann Minogue

She has a sister named Dannii Minogue

Married, Scott Robinson  July 1987

 Charlene's popularity helped Neighbours ratings soar. Aside from the actress's fame, it was Chariene's feisty character and relationship with hunk next door, Scott Robinson, that captured viewers' imaginations. Charlene, or Lenny as she liked to be called, was a tomboy who left school as soon as she could to become an apprentice mechanic and was never seen out of her khaki overalls.

God help the man who patronizingly called her 'babe' or 'love', because Charlene had a tongue in her head that even Paul Robinson was scared of! But when she couldn't talk her mum into allowing her to live with Scott out of wedlock, Charlene let her actions speak when she married him. It was a teenage triumph over adult interference and Charlene, and Scott went on to prove everyone wrong by making their marriage a success. They now live in Brisbane with their son Daniel.

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