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Neighbours Girls

This site has suspended adding pictures and info of Neighbours As of early 2012 .

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A     (Linked)-'Allana'-Dorothy Truman_Josephine Clark-2000-01Linked-Amber Martin _ Alison Whyte 1990(Linked)-Amy Greenwood Jacinta Stapleton-1997-2000-(Also played Vikki in 1993)(Linked)-Angie Rebecchi Lesley-Baker 1995-1996(Linked)-Annalise Hartman Kimberley Davies 1993-1996(Linked)-Anne Wilkinson Brooke  Satchwell-1996-20007                                                                                                                                                                                                               

B     (Linked)-BETH BRENNAN Natalie Imbruglia-1991-1993, 1994(Linked)-BEVERLEY MARSHALL Lisa Armytage-Shauna O'Grady -2 1989-1990(Linked)-Beverley Marshall Shaunna O'Grady -1987-1989(Linked)- Bree Timmins_Sianoa Smit-McPhee-2005(Linked)- Bridget Parker _ Eloise Mignon -2007(Linked)-BRONWYN DAVIES Rachel Friend-1988-1990 6

C     (Linked)-CAITLIN ATKINS Emily Milburn-1997-1998(Linked) -Carmilla Cammeniti _ Natali Blair - 2004 - 2006(Linked)-CAROLINE ALESSI Gillian Blakeney-1990-1993(Linked)-Carrie Clark Vanessa Rossini-2000Cassandra Freedman _ Tottie Goldsmith - 2009(Linked)-CATHERINE O'BRIEN Rhada Mitchell-1996-1997(Linked)-CATHY ALESSI Elspeth Ballantyne-1992-1993(Linked)-Charlene Robinson Kylie Minogue-1986-1988 8

 C2     Linked-Cheryl Stark _ Caroline Gillmer-1993-1996Linked-Cheryl Stark-2_Colette Mann-1996Christine Rodd _ Trudy Kellier - 2007Chloe Cammeniti _ Sharh May -2007(Linked)-Chloe Lambert-Stephanie Daniel-2001-2002(Linked)-CHRISTINA ALESSI Gayle Blakeney 1990-1993(Linked-2of)-CODY WILLIS Amelia Frid-1989-1991(Linked 2 of)-Cody Willis Peta Brady-1994-1996 8

D   (Linked)-DANNI STARK Eliza Szonert-1994-1996(Linked)-Danny Cook_Katie Ditchburn-1998-(Gaphite-artist)(Linked)-Daphne Clarke Elaine  Smith-1985-1988(Linked)-Debbie Martin = Mandy Storvik (1985) & Marnie Reece - Wilmore 1992-1994, 1996-1997(Linked)-Dee [Dione] Bliss Madeleine  West-2000-2003Diana Marshal _ Jane Bradler -2010(Linked)-Dorothy Burke Maggie  Dence-1990-1993Donna Freedman _ Margot Robbie -2008(Linked)-Doula Tsobanopoulos_Katherine Halliday 2001 2002Dr Veronica Olenski _ Caroline Lloyd -2009 10

E     Linked-Edwina Valdez Lucia Smayrk 2003(Linked)-Eileen Clarke Myra De Groot-1985-1988(Linked) -Elle (Lucinda) Robinson _ Pippa Black-2005.jpg(Linked)-Elly Conway Kendell Nunn-2001-2002 n 2003..(Linked)-Emily Hancock Isabella  Oldham-2001-2002(Linked)-Erin-Perry_Talia-Zucker-2003-04 6

F     (Linked)-Felicity Scully Holly Valance-1999-2002  1  G   (Linked)-Gaby Willis Rachel Blakely-1991-1994(Linked)-Gail Lewis-Robinson Fiona Corke-1987-1989(Linked)-Gemma Ramsay Beth  Buchanan-1990-1991Georgia Brown - Mia Silvani _ Petra Yared - Jared- 1996 - 2007(Linked)-Geri Hallett Isabella Dunwill-1999(Linked) - Glenys Forrest _ Cleopatra Coleman - 2007 6

H    (Linked)-HANNAH MARTIN Rebecca Ritters1-1992-1999(Linked)-Hannah Martin Rebecca  Ritters2-1992-1999(Linked)-Helen Daniels Anne Haddy-1985-1997Heather Pryor _ Georgina Andrews 2008Linked-Hilary Robinson Anne Scott Pendlebury 1987-1990  5   I  India Napier _ Alia n Gab Devercelli -2009(Linked)-Izzy Hoyland - Natalie Bassingthwaighte-2003 2

J     Jade Mitchell _ Gemma Pranita - 2010(Linked)-Janae Timmins-Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter-2005-Birthday October 24 1989(Linked)-Jane Harris Annie Jones-1986-1989(Linked)-Janelle-Timmins_Nel-Feeney-2005(Linked)-JOANNA HARTMAN Emma Harrison-1995-1997(Linked)-Julie Robinson_Julie Mullins-1996-199-(Linked)-Julie Robinson Vikki Blanche-1985 7


K    (Linked)-Karen Oldman Pia Miranda 1997Kate Ramsay _ Ashleigh Brewer-2009(Linked) - Katya Kinski _ Dichen Lachman -2006Kelly Katsis _ Katrina Milosevic - 2008Kelly 'Mad Dog' Morgan_Jodie Yemm-1988(Linked)-Kerry Bishop Linda Hartley-1989-1990(Linked)-Kerry Mangle _ Claudine Henningsen Skys Baby - 2006To link yet - Kirsten Gannon _ Nikola Dubois 2007 8

L    Linked-Lana Crawford_Bridget Neval-2004-05-(Thanks to-Nikita Brady)(Linked)-LAUREN CARPENTER Sarah Vandenbergh-1993-1994Libby Kennedy Kym Valentine-1994-2008(Linked)-Liljana Bishop Marcella Russo-2003Lily Madigan_Alethea McGarath-1997(Linked)-Lisa Jeffries_Rhiannon Fish-2004 6

  L2  (Linked)-Lori Lee Michelle Ang-2002-2003Loris Timmins _ Kate Fitzpatrick-2006(Linked)-Louise Carpenter Jiordan Anna Tolli-1994(Linked)-Louise Carpenter _  Adelaide Kane-2007(Linked)-LUCY ROBINSON Kylie Finkler-1985-1987(Linked)-Lucy Robinson - Sasha Close-1987-1990(Linked)-Lyn Scully Janet Andrewartha-1999.... 7

M   (Linked)-Madge Bishop Anne Charleston-1986-1992, 1996-2001(Linked)-Maggie Hancock Sally  Cooper-2001-2002(Linked)-MARIA RAMSAY Dasha Blahova-1985(Linked)-MARLENE KRATZ Moya O'Sullivan-1994-1997(Linked)-Melanie Pearson Lucinda Cowden Ha Ha Ha-1988-1991Mia Sivani _ Petra Yared - Jared - 2007 (Linked)-Michelle Scully Kate Keltie-1999-2003-2004(Linked) - Miranda Parker _ Nikki Coghill -2007(Linked)-Mishka Schneiderova _ Deborah Kennedy-2006 9

N    Naomi Lord _  Kate Bell - 2010Natashia Williams _  Valentina  Novakovic -2010(Linked)-Nell Mangel Vivean Gray-1986-1989Nicola West _ Imogen Bailey 2008(Linked)-Nina Tucker Delta Goodrem-2002.2004  5    O (Linked)-Olivia McPherson_ Sylvia de Crepigny-2004 1

P    (Linked)-Pam Willis Sue Jones 1990-1996(Linked)-Penny Watts Andrea McEwan-2002(Linked) - Pepper Steiger _ Nicky Whelan-2006 (Linked)-Phoebe Gottlieb Simone Robertson-1991-1993Poppy Rodgers _ Gabriella Darlington - 2010(Linked)-Portia Grant_Sue Ingleton-1998 46

R   (Linked)- Rebecca Napier _ Jane Hall -2007(Linked)-Rachel Kinski _ Caitlin Stasey-2005(Linked)-Rosemary  Daniels Joy Chambers-1985-1998(Linked) -Rosetta Cammeniti _ Natalie Saleeba - 2006(Linked)-Rosie Hoyland Maggie Millar 2002-2003(Linked)-Ruby-Bannock_Susana-Grest-1997(Linked)-Ruby Dwyer Maureen Edwards 2002-2003Ruby Rogers _ Yesse Spence - 2010(Linked)-Ruth Wilkinson Ailsa Piper 1996-1999 9

S    (Linked)-Sally Upton Sally Davis-1998-1999Samantha Fizgerald _ Simone Buchanan - 2007(Linked)-Sandy Hutchens_Susan Paternd-1998(Linked)-Sarah Beaumont Nicola  Charles-1996-1999(Linked)-Serena Bishop Lara Sacher 2003(Linked)-Serendipity Gottlieb Raelee Hill-1994-1995Sienna Cammeniti _ Erin McNaught -2008(Linked)-Sharon Davies Jessica Muschamp-1988-1990(Linked)-Shelly Harris-Jane Allsop_Drew's-X-girl-friend-1998 9


 S2 (Linked)-Sindi Watts - Marisa Warrington-2002....(Linked)-Sky Bishop Miranda Fryer-1989-1991(Linked)-Sky ( Bishop) Mangel- Stephany McIntosh-2003.... DOB 5th JulySonya Mitchell _ Eve Morey -2009....Sophie Ramsay _ Kaiya Jones -2009(Linked)-Stephanie Scully Carla  Bonner-1999...(Linked)-Summer Hoyland Marisa Siketa 2002....Sunny Lee _ Hany Lee -2009(Linked)-Susan Kennedy Jackie  Woodburne-1994..(Linked)-Svetlanka Ristic_Deidre Rubenstein-2004 10

T   (Linked)-Tahnee Coppin Anna Jennings-Edquist-2002Taylah Jordan_Danelle Horvat-2007Tegan Freedman _ Chelsea Jones - 2008(Linked) -Teresa Cammeniti _ Hannah Greenwood -2006(Linked)-Teresa [Tess] Bell Krista  Vendy-1999-2001(Linked)-Terry Inglis Maxine Klibingaitis-1985-1986(Linked)-Trixie Tucker Wendy Stapleton 2004  7

 U  V 1  W- to -Z (Linked)-ZOE DAVIS Ally Fowler-1986-1987(Linked)-Zoe Tan_Juliette Hanafie-1997  2   

< This has nothing to do with Neighbours         

  If you want save these thumb nails,  most of them should be larger, on save.

 I have added a big picture, to most that are on here. But I have not got one for all. So if any one out there has,  will you please send it to Email  I will try my best, to get a big picture, for all later. So call back.

I have added the names, and the dates, as they appeared. Any more information you want adding please say so.

There are a few I don't have the full thing for. But I will keep on looking to rectify this matter.

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