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Neighbours Boys

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Henry and Melanie-1987

Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Parents: Fred and Madge Mitchell
Marital Status: Bronwyn Davies (1990-)
Siblings: Charlene
Occupation: Disc Jockey

As a teenager Henry was easily led by his mates and, consequently, always in trouble with the law. Henry adored his father, Fred - and a lot of his roguish character comes from Fred - but the one person who always stood by him was Madge. When, after repeated warnings, Madge finally dug her heels in and refused to help him, he was sent to prison - much to everyone' shock. Henry became briefly bitter with Madge for having let him down the one time it was most important she stood by him, but his natural ebullience soon resurfaced, and - never one to hold a grudge - he forgave Madge completely, realising she'd gone through a lot for him. His shining image of his father was badly tarnished by Fred's mistreatment of Madge, and Henry's loyalties lie squarely with his mother.

Henry left school when he was fifteen. He's done everything from stacking supermarket shelves to betting on a dead cert - in the hope of realising his dream - to become another Alby Mangels and sail his own yacht around the South Pacific with at least three beautiful girls as crew. Henry is very fond of the ladies and missed them badly while in prison! Girls found his out-going, light-hearted nature hard to resist.

When he moved to Ramsay Street to live with his mother Madge and sister Charlene, he got the reputation as a joker. He eventually made a career as a Radio DJ and after marrying Bronwyn moved to New Zealand to further this career.


McLachlan has also had success as a singer, capitalising on his popularity in Neighbours to score UK hit singles with lively pop tunes such as "Mona" Lyrics  (#2, 1990), "Amanda" (#19, 1990), and "One Reason Why" (#29, 1992).

In 1993 he starred as Danny in the popular West End revival of the musical Grease alongside Debbie Gibson.

In 1993 he married Australian actress Rachel Friend whom he met on the set of Neighbours. Their characters Bronwyn and Henry had also earlier married in the show. They divorced in 1994.


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