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Neighbours Boys

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Lou and Linda Carpenter- Gina Gaigalis Lou's Ex-wife.


Lou with Special Guest Barry Sheen



Birthday June 12th.1942

First appearance March 31, 1988 Episode 693

Occupation: Entrepreneur, used car salesman, mayor, radio presenter, Little Tommy Tucker's owner, Lou's Place owner/co-owner, Carpenter's Mechanics co-owner

Residence: 22 & 24 Ramsay Street

Related to: Brenda (sister), Lauren (father), Guy (father), Ling Mai (father), and Louise (adoptive father)

Marital Status: Kathy (Divorced), Linda (Divorced), Trixie Tucker (Parted)

Watch out for: Louís shady dealings.

Notable moments:
Lou Carpenter is one of the longest standing street residents. His relationship with Cheryl, gave him a child, Lolly and he was devastated to find out that he was not actually the father years after Cheryl's death, when Lolly's biological father - John Allen - turned up. Lou's previous addiction to drugs and busy lifestyle meant that john and his wife Sandy were seen as more suited parents for Lolly and custody was given to them. Shortly after the departure of  lolly, Lou embarked on a relationship with vicar Rosie and despite accidentally setting her church alight, the relationship looked hopeful. However, Harold, Lou's best friend also held a torch for Rosie, and because Lou and Harold lived together he was not able to keep this quiet for long. This led to the break-down of Lou and Harold's friendship due to arguments and both saying that the other didn't deserve Rosie. This in turn led to Rosie questioning her relationship with Lou and they decided to 'take a break'.

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Use car salesman Lou has had an interesting and varied life. His relationship with his grown up kids Guy and Lauren hasn't been easy but he managed to get to know Lauren when she came to love with him for a while. Lou's lived with Madge, then Cheryl Stark and her children. When little Louise was born in 1995 Lou thought he'd been given a second chance at a family. Cheryl died not long after and her kids flow the nest leaving Lou alone as a singe Dad. He's had to juggle child care with 2 jobs at the car yard and his pub but it seems that no matter how hard he works nothing stays right for long. Lou has recently had to give up custody of Louise to her biological father leaving him on his own again.


Tom Oliver has a vast background of acting experience behind him for over 35 years. He has worked in almost all fields of the industry. He may be best known for his role of Jack Sellars on ground breaking soap Number 96 but has appeared in numerous Australian TV series including; Cop Shop, Neighbours, Number 96, and Prisoner.

Tom has also appeared in the pantomime genre in the UK and movies including "Abba: The Movie".

Clips 946k Flowers 0:59 With Harold & Madge in the Coffee shop1.87M Lost husband 1:45 With Merridy & Lolly

Home  / Up Lucas Fitzgerald_ Scott Major-2008