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Neighbours Girls

Kerry Bishop _ Linda Hartley 1989 -1990

She was also Gloria Slater in 1985 Girlfriend of Paul Robinson
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Gabrielle Walker_Linda Hartley-Clark-2005

Gabrielle Walker _ Linda Hartley-Clark-2005




Lived: 24, 32 Ramsay Street
Harold and Mavis Bishop
Marital Status:
Joe Mangel (1989-)
Sky, Toby (adoptive parent)
Occupation: Advice Columnist, Child Carer, Salesperson

Kerry was Harold Bishop's hippy daughter. This caused much conflict between herself and her straight laced dad. She had a lot of good causes! Such as being a vegetarian. She was single parent to a daughter called Sky.

She married
Joe Mangel and together with Joe 's son Toby made a good family unit.

Kerry was shot and killed by poachers whilst on an anti-hunting protest.

She re-appeared as Gabrielle Walker in 2005

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