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Evolving is the word, since this site will be created before your eyes, when yours truly is able to gather additional information that can be incorporated into the presentation. We're especially pleased to be able to make this small contribution into cyberspace, continuing to spread the knowledge we have accumulated regarding Blind Faith and their legacy. Many good friends around the world have contributed to the efforts, which we acknowledge with appreciation. You will find many interesting tidbits of information on this website; The story of how the group formed, the embryonic rehearsals, recording sessions, and the controversial concert tours of Europe and North America. All that, plus several obscure musical snippets of the boys studio efforts.

You won't find alot of high tech glitz on these pages, rather you'll find an abundance of interesting information on one of the lesser known transitional musical groups from the late 1960s. Future page content on this site will also include biographies of each musician, musical lyrics, glimpses of collectibles, and an array of photos and graphics that have been made available through the kindness of Blind Faith enthusiasts around the world.

So, what's planned for the site..... Who knows what tomorrow will bring???
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Magic Hat Brewing Company's 'Blind Faith IPA' is highly recommended, while watching the BF DVD or Audio Concert Tunes


Keep an eye on the BLIND FAITH - Well... All Right!!! website, and you'll observe additions made in future months. Upcoming development will be in the Origins, Studio Sessions, Concert Performances and Collectibles pages. An eclectic potpourri of information, for your viewing and knowledge growth. Enjoy, and thanks for your continued support!

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