Blind Faith - The Rehearsals

Blind Faith - The Rehearsals

Rehearsing at Clapton's home in Surry, England, May 1969 (or was that at the local village hall in Guildford, England?).

During the winter months of 1969, Ginger, Eric, and Stevie were working out some musical ideas, which included some informal jamming at Eric's home in County Surrey (Hurtwood Edge). By March of that year, the boys were ready to do some formal studio rehearsals and recording, and congregated at the Morgan Studios in central London. As we all know, the Morgan Rehearsal recordings are glimpses into the embryonic stages of Blind Faith's style of progressive rock music. To date, we have not found any authoritative written documentation or photographs of the boys rehearsing at the Morgan Studios. Of course, there are many photos of what appears to be informal jamming and rehearsing, mostly during May 1969. By then, Ric Grech had joined to make it a foursome. Some write-ups suggest that these gatherings occurred at Clapton's home, and in at least one other author's opinion, it is speculated that these later jams/rehearsals happened at a local village hall in Guildford, England. What a scene that would have been to witness!

Clapton strumming on one of his precious guitars, at his home during a jamming session.

During March and April of 1969, a variety of jamming sessions led to refining the tunes that came into being the Blind Faith album. Several musical take-by-take descriptions & analyses have been documented by enthusiasts over the years, and (with a bit more research and verification) an assimilation of the highlights will be forthcoming in the near future. Meanwhile, have a look at some ideas and impressions coming from others who have interest in BF's rehearsals. If anyone else has knowledge, or can offer information about the rehearsal doings of the boys, please make contact by emailing me directly.

Additional informal jam / rehearsal views - Close-up and personal, most likely during May 1969.

Coming soon - A taste of what Blind Faith could have been, had the jazzy instrumental influences continued beyond the rehearsals done in March/April 1969. A very choppy version of the instrumental has been available through non-commercial sources for years. This is the "Change Of Address" rehearsal version. Download and listen to these sound byte snippets, and then go to the Studio Sessions page to listen to a few bytes of the real thing!!!

"Change Of Address" rehearsal version

Bootlegg Recording Artwork for BF's Rehearsals

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