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At the Olympic Sound Studios, London, May 1969

This photo portrays the boys in their element, the recording studio, probably at the time of the initial sessions for the album. Eric is in the foreground, Stevie is on the right, Ric is in the background. Note the sound wall partitions subdividing the studio. Ginger is behind the partitions to the far upper left, most likely sitting at his drum set, having coffee and a smoke! Notice the window (upper left behind Winwood) - That's the soundboard room, where Jimmy Miller was handling the recording/mixing of the tracks being laid down for the album. Or could this have been the session recording "Change of Address"???

(Photo Copyright 1969 by Ron Raffaelli, All Rights Reserved)

Ric Grech close-up, Olympic Sound Studios, London

A rare close-up of Ric, the enigmatic member of Blind Faith. Grech played an awesome bass guitar, and other stringed instruments. His innovative use of the violin on BF's "Sea Of Joy" is a memorable effort. Sadly, Ric passed away in 1990, succumming to his unhealthy indulgences.

(Photo Copyright 1969 by Ron Raffaelli, All Rights Reserved)

The Boys - A Promo Pose

Originally a photograph for promotional purposes during the Blind Faith concert tour of North America during July/August 1969. This photo was also used on the back cover of the BF hardcover pictography titled, 'BLIND FAITH - The Visual Thing', a fine album-sized collage of photos that was offered as a collectible to fans attending the concerts for the North American tour. 'BF - The Visual Thing' is now quite a valued item, sought after by enthusiasts around the world, nearly thirty years after it was released. Currently, this treasure fetches a handsome price, between $50 to $150 (USD). See the BF Collectibles page for details on this book and other related goodies!

(Photo Copyright 1969 by Ron Raffaelli, All Rights Reserved)

A close-up of our beloved Ginger

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