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Blind Faith - 40th Anniversary Celebration

Yes, its been 40 full years since Blind Faith toured and performed in North America. Indeed, something must be offered to the faithfull in rememberance of such a memorable event so many years ago. Well.... All Right!!!
Somethng special and appropriate for such an event.....

There are several excellent non-commercial concert recordings held by serious collectors of Blind Faith's music. Over the years, these recordings, often referred to as "bootlegged recordings" because of unauthorized efforts to capture musician's artistry and to resell at a profit, have become highly desired artifacts of the rock & roll music collector's scene. During recent years, Blind Faith concert performance recordings have been ressurrected from dusty shelves and basement vaults, and several have actually been marketed and sold for handsome prices on the international collectors market through the internet.

Here, you will have an opportunity to listen to some of the famous debut performance of Blind Faith at New York City's Madison Square Garden, on 12 July 1969. Also included in the music tracks are several snippets from the 2008 Clapton & Winwood tour, recorded at Madison Square Garden during early February 2008. This is a one-off event, offered unceremoniously and without fanfare, as an underground kind of event should be conducted. Hopefully, those that are aware and can web-link to my personal web server on July 12th will be pleased and enjoy the recordings!

Regards, K.J. Bleus

Blind Faith at Madison Square Garden, NYC, USA. 12 July 1969.

Audio source - Audience, reel audio tape, good quality.

Best known availability to collectors - Analog tape signal coverted to digital audio tape & compact disc recordable. Complete show, including instrumental tuneups, introduction of Blind Faith to audience, and "the MSG incident" interlude before the encore performance.

Performance Time - 62:06. Performance Playlist - Had To Cry Today; Can't Find My Way Home; Sleeping In The Ground; Well... All Right;
In The Presence Of The Lord; Sea Of Joy; Do What You Like; Means To An End.

Well.... All Right Web Site - BF at MSG 1969

BF at MSG 1969 - Download and playback MP3 files on your computer desktop

Coming soon - Tasty information on Blind Faith at West Allis, Wisconsin. In the future we will also add snippets
about the Detroit, Oakland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Antonio performances!

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