Blind Faith Discographies

For the group only being together for six months, and only creating one commercial album, there is actually quite a bit of music to be had of Blind Faith. Below, you will find links to discographies of commercial ("official") and non-commercial ("bootlegg") Blind Faith music releases. The latest plans are to develop a comprehensive Blind Faith discography. Work in-progress - Watch these links in the coming weeks!

Blind Faith - Discography of Commercial Releases

BF ~ Commercial Releases

BF ~ Audio and Visual Commercial Releases (courtesy G. Pattingale)

Blind Faith - Discography of Non-Commercial Releases

BF ~ Non-Commercial Releases

EC Bootography ~ Blind Faith releases (courtesy R. Faith)

The WellAllRight Blind Faith Album Collection

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Created 31 December 1998

Updated 26 July 2002