The BF Album Cover - Many Years Later

Posted on 31 July 2013

The Blind Faith Album Cover & Mariora Goschen

A bit of a story about the BF album cover, 40 years after a photo session for the famous album cover back during early summer of 1969. The young woman, Mariora Goschen, posing with the aeroplane in her hands, was photographed in a studio loft adjacent to the Royal College of Arts, located in central London. That photo image was superimposed upon the green grass and powder blue sky background to create the composite album cover image. A stunning masterpiece of counterculture art, indeed. Read up about the young woman, how she responded to interview questions in two UK newspaper articles published during recent years.

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Aeroplane on display at the Hyde Park Concert, flipped over and placed upon Winwood's
piano cover as he is playing away on a tune.

Another Little Story of Blind Faith, the Album and the Summer of 1969

Read a bit more about the creation of the idylic Blind Faith Album Cover

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