Blind Faith's Studio Sessions

April/May 1969

My favorite impressions about the boys' accomplishments:

Musicianship Virtuosity

Information regarding Blind Faith's studio sessions will be placed here as details are substantiated. Little is known from public archives, although tidbits have risen out of a variety of biographies devoted to the four musicians. We do know that the boys did essential recording sessions for the album at Olympic Studios, London UK (photo above). Little else is known, although the BF Deluxe Edition disc set does have some revealing information to shed light upon what occured. We will soon attempt to place some of those pieces together. In the meantime, a single photo like the one above can convey much insight and flavor about the studio sessions scene the boys were into during April/May 1969. And if you have the ability to listen to RealPlayer Audio files on your desktop, there is a little snippet of a treat to savor with your ears!

Jimmy Miller - The studio session genius who pieced together the
music and produced Blind Faith's album.

Posing outside of the Olympic Studios, in northwest London, UK.

Blind Faith's studio session instrumental "Change Of Address"(removed due to hosting authority ruling, March 2007)
If you want to listen to the original version, contact the K.J. Bleus via email listed below.

Experience what Blind Faith could have been, had the jazzy instrumental influences continued beyond the rehearsals done at the Morgan Studios in March and April of 1969. You're listening to "Change of Address", the obscure single released by Island Records UK in May 1969 without fanfare, as a promotional to introduce Blind Faith's existence, and simultaneously announce the change of Island Records' office address in London. Truely a cryptic release, that now is a revered collectible by BF fan(atics) worldwide.

The boys standing in front of their favorite apocathary (you know, drug store).

Coming Soon ~ BF's Change Of Address Story

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