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Welcome to my Billy the Kid website. Ive done tons of research about Billy the Kid. I Guess you could say he's my idle. He is the most famous outlaw In all of history. He Stayed in Fort sumner New Mexico most of the time. He was the notorious outlaw of new Mexico. He died at the young age of 21. Im not trying to say he was never bad or wrong cause he was but the fact remains that Billy stuck to his guns when times got ruff he never turned his back on his friends and he always kept his word.This is my Dedication and tribute to the notorious outlaw and Horse thief............................................


Billy's Saved From The Bad Life
The Lincoln County War
The Last Escape
The Death Of Billy the Kid
Billy's Pardon Situation
Brushy Bill Roberts (Tried To Make People Believe He Was Billy the Kid)
The Young Guns Movies
The Blazers Mill Gunfight
Billy's Nicknames
Billy's Temper
Billy the Kid's Girlfriends
The Rustlers (Billy's 2nd Gang)
My Favorite Billy the Kid Links
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