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The Lincoln County War

After the Murphy boys killed Tunstall Billy swore he'd kill the posse that killed Tunstall.... and he did it to! as soon as Billy could gather up Charlie Bowdre and Tom O'folliard to kill the posse.Well they decided they were going to do it by waiting for the posse members to come down the street and then they'd shoot em down like the dogs they in the movies Billy goes behind sherrif brady and throws his hat in front of him then when brady looks at the hat Billy pulls Bradys on pistol from the holster and says "Good Mornin' To Ya Girls" and shoots brady and the rest of the posse but its unlikely this really actualy happend. well after that charlie gets married and Billy gets word that the Mcsweens (other close friends) are going to be murdered at suppertime the next day. so Billy rounded up his band of "Regulators" and rides off to the mcsweens place. they got there right at suppertime and the whole cavlrey troops came and so did the new sherriff pippens posse. at first the Regulators tryed to run for it but the enemys were blocking all ways out. so the regulaters held up in the house and had war with there enemys for 5 strait days untill on the 5 day the murphy Boys and the troops set the house on fire. the Regulators held up for another hour untill it was time to Break! so Billy sent everyone out the house then he hauled ass and ran wide open to the fence and jumped it and kept on running till they were all together at the creek. now that was said to be the end of the war but it never actually ended until Billy died.