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It is said that Billy was born in new York on the year of 1859.But Billy himself Wrote on a census that he was from Missouri so I believe he was from Missouri.He was born to Mrs. Kathleen McCarty but the father was uknown. Billy's mom met a man named Mr. William Antrium. They got married and Billy Never got along with his stepdad.Billy first got into trouble when him and a boy by the name of "jack" when they stole some clothes out of a Chinese laundry."jack" Hightailed it and left Billy with the stolen goods. the sherrif found Billy with the goods and but him in the hall of the jail because Billy was to young to be put in the jail cells.but when the sherrif went out to lunch Billy climbed up the chimney and escaped. But rather face the wrath of his step father Billy left town and began his life on the run!!